Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Landon is one week old

I can't believe my sweet little baby is one week old already. The mere thought of this makes me want to cry. Time is just flying by! Granted we had an extremely busy week, my sister was in town and we had a birthday party for Lincoln. But it's still amazing how fast the time is going.

Thursday we came home from the hospital, which in and of its self made me sad just because I loved getting to have my baby in my place of employment and getting to have all my co-workers see my baby. They all took such great care of us, I'm so blessed to work there. But it was nice to come home and get settled as a family of 4.  When we got home my sister was waiting for us with ritters in hand to meet her newest nephew :) she stayed that night to help with Landon because he really would only sleep if held. He only ate every 3 hrs but wanted held to sleep. I wanted Adam to sleep so he could play with Lincoln during the day. 

Friday was an easy fun day where I slept a good part of it and then we took Lincoln to the park and let him run around. Landon just slept in his ergo on the walk there...

And Lincoln really enjoyed the swing

Saturday Adam and I cleaned up the house to get ready for Lincoln's birthday party on Sunday. I did go to my first breastfeeding support group because Landon was having trouble latching suddenly on one side and I wanted some tips on what to do.  Then we headed to my moms for a cookout in honor of my grandma whose birthday was today actually.  My best friend also came over to meet our little one :)

Sunday was our big day where we had a "small" birthday party for our beautiful two year old. I had decided on this day because there was no colts game and I felt that I had a really good chance of no longer being pregnant when I was planning this a month ago. It wasn't anything major because I didn't know what I would feel up to. So we just had some dips and cupcakes. We opened presents and just enjoyed our families spoil our little ones. 

Yesterday Landon had his first doc appointment. He weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 21.25" long. The doctor we saw wasn't his normal doctor because he's out of town, but he said Landon looks perfect :) 

Today we has his newborn pictures with our awesome photographer that I just love and can't wait to see what she got!!! I think there are some really good ones of Lincoln and Landon :)

Over the last week I've really enjoyed getting to know and fall in love with this beauty. 

My heart is just exploding with love for my two boys.  And Landon thus far is so much easier than Lincoln. He sleeps 3-6 hrs at a time at night and sleeps most of the day. He really only cries for a dirty/wet diaper and not always does he do that then. He eats every 3-4 hrs in the morning but then every hour in the evening. 

Lincoln is adjusting really well too. He's protective of Landon. He doesn't like when he cries and I can't get him to stop be wants to see him first thing in the morning. And he does a good job of showing him love (for a two year old)

Adam and I couldn't have asked for a better and more precious blessing to our family. Our lives are so abundantly blessed!!!

We love you Lincoln and Landon so very much!

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  1. WOW! Landon is soooo cute! Congratulations! I can't believe how well you are adjusting to being a mommy of 2!!! I'm so glad Lincoln loves his little brother :)