Wednesday, September 18, 2013

37 weeks (TERM) with Baby #2

Week of September 15, 2013

How Far Along? 37 weeks! We are full term (and out of carseat study zone)

Due Date: October 6, 2013
Wednesday September 18, 2013
37 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: Around 17-20 depending on how strict I am with my diet...and honestly lately I'm over being so restricted! Yesterday I was up 20. 

Maternity clothes? Yes of course!

Stretch Marks? its a love/hate relationship, I'm covered and will never be able to wear a bikini or anything again...though then again I've never been a super skinny person so no one probably would want to see it anyways. 

Sleep: I bought a pregnancy pillow last week and it's a freaking LIFESAVER!!!! I am no longer in excruciating pain when I get out of bed or up in the morning!!! and I'm able to sleep a little longer about 2 hrs at a time. I feel so rested it's quite an amazing feeling!!!

Best moment this week: I'd have to say for now it's just getting to spend as much time as possible with Lincoln. He is such a wonderful child and brings me so much joy and I just want to cherish him before his world is turned upside down. I hope he doesn't end up resenting me for giving him a brother/sister...

Adam and I also bought a new truck on Saturday. We needed something that Adam could use for work as well as transport two babies in carseats, and his old truck was just not that. So we bought a 2013 Dodge Ram and quite honestly I'm in love with it! Its such a nice vehicle I almost dont want adam to use it bc he will trash it on a construction site. But oh well...

Movement: this baby is about as active as Lincoln was. At my appointment yesterday Dr Myers has to do an ultrasound to ensure the baby was head down bc I have a fairly large fibroid and he couldn't feel very well around it. And I'm happy to say that although for about 10 min my BP was probably THROUGH THE ROOF, baby is head down!!! No automatic c-section (as of this moment) for this mama!

Food cravings: ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM. A hot fudge sunday or vanilla dipped cone!!! yummmmmmmmm

Food aversions: none

Gender: I have no idea, though the more people tell me it's a girl the more I'm coming around to this idea. It's not like I would be disappointed if it was a girl because I would obviously love her to pieces. Girls just scare me. I was a terrible teenager. I was mean and just a huge jerk to my mom and that's what scares me. Baby girls and toddler girls aren't bad, but I've just heard once you get past that age it all becomes more complicated and thats what makes me nervous about a girl. 
I felt as tired as I looked 
Now I know that even if this is a boy this baby could be far more challenging personality wise than Lincoln has been. (he seriously is so freaking easy!!!) But for some reason the thought of a girl just scares me!!!

Labor Signs: I get quite a few contractions every day. and more when I'm working because I think I'm a little more dehydrated and on my feet a little more. 

Belly Button in or out? I must have a very deep belly button because it's still very much in.

What I miss: my pelvis not hurting

What I am looking forward to:  Seeing my dear friend who is coming in town one last time before her baby is born. We are going out to dinner with some of our friends and I'm excited to get to spend some time with my good friends! 

Size of the Baby:

Baby's now the size of a watermelon!
Your full-term (yay!) baby is gaining about 1/2 ounce a day and getting his first sticky poop (called meconium) ready. He's also brushing up on skills for the outside world: blinking, sucking, inhaling, exhaling, and gripping (it's getting strong!).

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