Thursday, August 22, 2013

5 years!!

**this was back in June...I don't know why or how this moved to August**

Its been a crazy few weeks, and I've been busy working and soaking up what little time off I have not sleeping with my babe.

But last month Adam and I celebrated 5 years of marriage together. Sometimes it's really hard to believe that it's been that long. In looking back I was so young to have gotten married, only 22, practically a baby in today's standards and I honestly wouldn't change a thing. I feel so fortunate to have chosen (or been chosen to have) such a wonderful partner in this life.

It's been a crazy ride, and there are some things that I wish would have been different but through it all we've stuck together good bad and ugly. 

Everyday I'm reminded what a blessing Adam is in my life. It almost brings me to tears to think of how wonderful of a man, husband and father he is. He's not 100% perfect. But I'd say 95%! :) 

For our 5th anniversary we kept it really low key. We aren't big on celebrations or gifts or making a big deal of it. 

I did however get a cake from a local bakery...pregnancy craving much...then mom and dad watched little man so we could go out to dinner together just is, which I think we've only done twice since he was born and both of us debated on bringing him. What can I say, we love our time with him...

We went to mama Corolas, my absolute FAVORITE place to eat ever. We both had our usual, manicotti for me and carbonara for Adam.  Delish!

Yumm yumm

After dinner we picked our love bug and watched Nemo and ate our cake before bed. 

It was a great day and I'm so blessed where my life has taken me and it was great reminder of all that God has blessed me with. 

Here's to many more baby!! Love you more now than ever!

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