Thursday, January 19, 2012

3 Months Old

I know I say this every month but I can't believe it's been 3 months since my baby boy was finally welcomed to this world. I have to say that my whole world has been turned upside down and upside down for the better. I have learned the true meaning of love and the love I have for Adam and Lincoln has grown unbelievable amounts.

Lincoln has changed so much over the last month! It honestly surprises and amazes me how much he has changed. He is so much fun, I love spending every second possible with him and it still breaks my heart every time I have to go to work. I miss my little booger so much!

I think the best part of month three is...dare I say it...his colic is gone! GONE are the screaming fits that last hours, gone are the evenings where I am just praying he goes to sleep because there is nothing I can do to calm him, and GONE are my feelings of inadequacy when it comes to comforting my child. He is all smiles in the evenings which makes it that much harder to go to work, but at least thats only 3 evenings out of the week.

This month Lincoln has done A LOT! HE celebrated his first Christmas and New Years and has truly captured the hearts of everyone around him. He is a true blessing from God that I thank everyday for! I am one blessed Mama!

Here are some of the highlights from this month...

  • He still isn't much of a pacifier kid
  • He has grown to HATE his carseat with everything he has. HE screams almost everytime we put him in it. (I had to move the straps up a spot this month too!)
  • He isn't in love with his showers anymore, he more just tolerates them, I guess I will try to use the little tub more. 
  • He still absolutely HATES to have anything put over his head. He screams bloody murder and acts as though I've hurt him when I put a onesie over his head! 
  • He smiles all the time. Usually all you have to do is look at him and he will smile at you.
  • In the last few days he almost giggles. It's music to our ears
  • He holds his head up all on his own. Still occasionally wobbly but for the most part he does awesome with it. 
  • I can almost hold him on my hip! 
  • He is getting better and better with tummy time, my cousin gave me this new play mat that has a pillow to prop him up with and he enjoys tummy time much more with that. 
  • He has growing extremely active, kicking and whaling his arms everywhere!
  • he has started to "talk" a bit more, he will be laying down and just "talking" away! 
  • He will hold a rattle when I put it in his hands
  • He will sometimes bat intentionally at the toys on his play yard 
  • He follows and moves his head to the sound of mine or Adam's voice
  • He will sometimes bear weight on his legs when we hold him upright
  • He keeps his head level when you have him sitting or in the bumbo
  • He enjoys the bumbo for short periods of time
  • He also just last week starting sleeping in his crib every night
  • He had his first sleepover away from his house, at his mimi and papa's while I went to work (adam was out of town)
  • He moves up to 6 month clothing
  • I had to move up to size 3 on his pocket diapers and am thinking I'm going to have to go up a snap on his prefold/cover diapers
Over all this month has been such a blessing. I feel so much love for Lincoln it brings me to tears. He is such a special blessing to Adam and I and we are so thankful God chose us to be his parents!

I don't have stats on him since he didn't have a regular doctors visit. I did take him just yesterday to the doctor strictly for shots, but they didn't weight him or anything. I think he's about 13.5 - 14 lbs and somewhere around 25 to 26 inches long. He's so big!

So his monthly photoshoot was a bit of a challenge, first off I worked 3 days in a row before his "birthday" and I forgot to go out and get my prop to have the date on, so Sunday I was running around like a crazy person trying to find something and just couldn't. So I used the indoor snowball fight that my mom got Lincoln for Christmas. Also it was much harder to get him to sit still and NOT move so much that he would tear the sticker off his shirt...month 4 should be interesting!!! 

so here it goes

he moves so much!

just adorable

so cute!


cute boy

Love him

Hi baby


oh no

Mom I want to play with this thing on my shirt

Love him

love this little face

too cute for words

Well happy 3 month birthday baby boy! Can't believe you are mine. You have changed my life for the better and I love you so much for it :) 

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