Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chafin Family Christmas

All The Chafin's!
The weekend after my first week back to work was a busy one. We had Adam's Dad's side of the family's Christmas and my mom's side of the family's christmas (it will be a separate post). Needless to say it was a busy weekend.

Friday was the day that Adam's parents came to stay with Lincoln while we were both at work. Since they live so far away I'm so glad they were able to come up and spend some quality time with their grandson. I truly hate how far away they live because I feel they don't really get to know him the way that my parents do. Plus they are such busy people being involved in their church and stuff it always seems like they are torn between spending a whole weekend up here and getting back home for their obligations. But either way we were happy to have them here.

Saturday we all got up and prepared the different dishes we would be taking, Adam and I made a chip dip and Adam's mom some yummy cookies. This year the festivities were held at Adam's cousin's house in plainfield.

Eventually we all headed out for the hour or so long drive out there. Almost all of Adam's dad side of the family was able to come. I really enjoy getting to spend time with his side of the family. We all really only get together once a year, which for me is weird since my family gets together several times a year, but either way we enjoy the time we spend with them.

Here are some pictures from Lincoln's First Chafin Family Christmas.

Lincoln's Pop and his 2 brothers Fred and Vernal 
Lincoln's Pop and Clarke...sectional champs

vernal, clay, jeanette and clarke

Vernal and his granddaugher Ella. Sweet moment

Amy and Lincoln
Can't wait for next year!

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