Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life's an Adventure

I've been a little MIA lately and honestly I've just felt sort of Blah about life.  Adam has been traveling ever since he started this new job, and I've had to work a lot of weekends. Needless to say my tendency for depression has started to creep up and I think thats what's making me feel so blah. I miss my husband! But life must go on and a lot has happened lately...

Adjusting to working nights is definitely a challenge! I feel like I'm tired all the time when I'm at home, I have been sleeping everytime Lincoln sleeps, and that really gets me into trouble because some nights I'm up until 3 am, because he has turned out to be such a good sleeper!

The way I try and sleep when I work is to take a 2 hour nap before I go into work and then take a 4 hour nap coming off of work. The switching from days to nights isn't hard because I'm such a night owl anyways, but switching from nights to days is a bit of a challenge for me. But I'm slowly getting better at it.

Also another issue, is that work is requiring a lot of extra time for us right now. We are changing to a new way of charting and have required us to attend training classes, also I have to get my CPR recertification, and I'm training to be the diabetes resource nurse for my floor. All of this requires quite a bit of extra time on my part and its been hard on me. I hate leaving Lincoln and I feel like I'm having to miss out on a lot.

Working nights requires so much more time in my opinion then working days. There isn't as much time to do things on my days off because I'm so exhausted, but hopefully I'll start to adjust a little better.

There isn't really a whole lot going on with us lately. Since Adam is gone every week, Lincoln and I just sort of hang out and relax on my days off until Adam gets back in town, in which it's then my turn to go to work. Adam and I obviously haven't seen much of each other at all with this schedule, in fact it averages about 5-6 hours a week.

With that it really got me thinking about how I can totally understand why celebrities who never see each other get divorced so often. Adam and I are lucky enough to have a strong solid marriage, but it's been really hard not seeing each other. I sometimes feel like I don't know him anymore. We only get to talk for about 30 minutes a day because I usually have a screaming baby to tend to. But life goes on and hopefully it will even out here shortly.

Lately Life has been and Adventure and seems to be going by so fast. I haven't gotten to do many of the things I've wanted to, but like I said hopefully things will cool off here in a bit and my life will feel a little more normal, otherwise I suppose this may become my new normal! :)

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