Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crib Talk

Lincoln spent his first night (with me home) in his crib last night. It was better than I had anticipated. I can honestly say that I haven't been and am still not emotionally ready for him to be in another room, but this is all a part of parenting right?

Originally I had hoped to have Lincoln in his room by the time I went back to work. However as I've blogged about earlier Lincoln hasn't always been the best sleeper, and honestly if he wasn't going to be sleeping through the night I found NO reason to put him in his room since I'd have to physically get out of bed and walk down the hallway to feed him. It was much easier just picking him up from right next to me.

Also at about 6 weeks old Adam was changing him and he spit up to the point where he started choking and couldn't catch his breath. We had to physically sit him up for him to be able to breath again.  It scared Adam and I both enough to continue to have him sleep in the Fisher Price Rock N Play since it sits at a 45ish degree angle.

However once I went back to work Lincoln started sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours at a time so I knew the time was coming for him to move to his crib. I had 5 days off in a row this week so I decided this would be the time to transition him since I wasn't sure how things would go for me.

However Adam had other plans and without talking to me about it he put Lincoln in his crib last friday night when I was at work. But Adam said he did well and slept 6 hours straight. But I think a part of me was sad that he was no longer going to be next to me, so I kept him in our room for a few more nights.

He started a growth spurt 3 days ago where he is up every 3 hours to eat, but with Adam being gone this week and my parents taking him over night I knew I had to transition him so it would make it easier on them (they after all have jobs to do unlike when his Auntie stayed with him...he was up every 45 minutes with her...eek!).

So last night was the night. He went down around 11 or so and I stayed up because honestly I wasn't tired until after his 3 am feeding (nightshift has made my sleeping habits worse) he was up again at 6 and then again at 8:30 until finally getting up around 10.

So overall it went great and he is once again in his crib tonight, with the monitor next to my bed and the sound of crickets in the background (from his sound machine). I did however try something different tonight. Since I'm such a night owl Lincoln seems to be too and although it works for me because I like to stay up late and sleep in, I know when other people watch him they may not appreciate that, so I tried unsuccessfully to put him down at 8.

I fed him around 6 I think and then gave him a bath and he got fussy around 7 so I put him to bed and he took about an hour or so nap before he was screaming wanting to eat at 8:30. So I fed him and he fell back asleep only to wake up again at 10 wanting to play! UGG have I ruined this kid???

I brought him down stairs to blow off some energy while I worked on his baby book. Then around 10:30 I brought him back up stairs to change him, swaddle him and put him to bed. He screamed for about 5 minutes but then he fell back asleep and slept until 11:15.

I just went in and fed him and now he's asleep again and we shall see if he continues his growth spurt or if he will sleep through the night. And I guess we'll try again later to get him to sleep earlier.

Well sweet dreams my baby boy. Know mommy misses you being next to me, but knows that you need to sleep on your own for your sake and for the sake of others who will be watching you.

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