Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whats in a Name

We have gotten several people asking where we came up with Lincoln's name so I thought I'd just explain where it came from.

Adam and I met almost 6 years ago and both of us claim it was the typical cliche "love at first sight". From the moment I met him I knew I'd found the person for me.

Now I have to say that because this next part may sound a little weird. On our first "date" we were talking about how we wanted to have kids and how both of us had names picked out. When I asked Adam how many kids he wanted he told me 3 and they would all be boys and their names would be Lincoln, Landon and Laiben. I quickly vetoed Laiben, but the other two I liked.

So when we more seriously started dating and talking about our future and having kids, we both agreed that our first boy would be named Lincoln.

Now when it came to the middle name that was a little bit more difficult. I had always said that I wanted to name my first son with the middle name of Robert, after my cousin who passed away. Adam always wanted to have the middle names after the grandparents. Well as it turned out his dads name was Robert so that made that really easy.

Now you are probably wondering why we added Knox to the mix. Well I'm obsessed with my kids having the same initials. and with our second boy the middle name would be Richard after my dad.  but if we were going to have a girl her middle name could have been Kimberly, Ann, Janet or marie. Now nothing against my mom but I don't like her name. Janet is just an odd name and marie is too popular and really the same with ann. So we were going to use the name Kimberly as the girls middle name. Now obviously the K and R wouldn't be the same initials so I had to come up with a way that all my kids could have the same initials and the only way to do that was to have two middle names.

Coming up with the K name for our boy was a little challenging. But Adam is from a county called Knox and I thought that was a cool name, so we went with it.

So the final name was Lincoln Robert Knox Chafin. It was a challenge coming up with his name, that honestly started nearly 6 years ago. But I think we did a great job naming him!

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