Wednesday, October 26, 2011

two weeks

Lincoln is just over 2 weeks old and I can't believe it! I really can't believe that I have a 2 week old baby.

I know everyone says it goes by fast but they really aren't kidding. He has changed so much already. I find myself really missing those first few hours in the hospital when we were just getting to know him.

He for the most part is a really good baby. We are really rather lucky. He definitely is resembling more of his dad, but for the most part still looks like his papa Steve aka me. I think he has his dads eyes though.

Last week Adam's mom came to stay with us from Wednesday on. It was nice having her here and having her get to spend some quality time with her grandson since she lives so far away.

There were a couple of nights where Lincoln wanted to be held and was fussy from 2am to about 5am and mommy was so tired. Adams mom was gracious enough to hold him through those times so I could sleep. Needless to say she was a LIFESAVER! We were sad to see her leave.

Overall the week was pretty relaxed. I felt like I slept late during the day everyday but then again I stay up late. Maybe I need to sleep more in the early evenings! But it rained most of the week, actually Adam was sent home 3 days in a row, so we had him home as well. We didn't do much but just lounge around but overall it was a good week.

Here are some pictures from the week.

Sleeping with daddy

cutie baby

awake!!! and during the day

our first "bath" after he peed all over himself

my little man

a little angry?

getting love from Grandma Kim

How he likes to sleep

What he thought of tummy time

Chillin with Uncle Andrew

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