Monday, October 17, 2011

One Week Already?!?!

Well this is a day or so late but I can't believe my baby boy is already a week old! Time sure flies when you get little sleep!

While in the hospital we had lots of visitors and it seemed like every other hour Lincoln was taken away for another test of some sort. Because he was so tired his first day he wasn't eating really well which meant that they had to test his glucose level. He was one point low, which meant that I had to feed him and then they had to check it 30 minutes later. When he passed that one, we then had to test his glucose 30 minutes before he ate, 4 times in a row and if he failed any of those then we had to start over. Well he passed his first 3 and then on the 4th one he failed it. I started to cry and the nurse decided to warm up his foot (they had to stick his heel each time to test it) and try again and THANK GOODNESS he passed.

After all of that they tested his bilirubin levels which tests for jaundice. Well he failed his bilirubin test and we ended up having to supplement with formula because I guess the way to get his levels down is to increase his bulk so he can have more dirty diapers. This broke my heart and caused several tears on my part but in the end it was what was best for him. They had to check his serum bili levels every 6 hours (another heel stick each time! my poor baby) In fact his bili levels were high enough that we weren't sure he was going to be discharged with me. This caused me MAJOR anxiety the whole second day to the point where I couldn't really focus on anything else. I did learn to pump and spent time with my sister while Adam took a nap in my bed because the "cot" he got wasn't really doing the trick for him. He was such a trooper though.  Then at 8pm that second day we got the awesome news that Lincoln could go home with us. I don't think I've ever seen Adam move so fast in my life.

We got home late monday night. Since Lincoln was born at 10:12 pm we were not discharged until 11:15 pm. That made for a LATE night! Plus he didn't sleep all that well, we think it was because he was cold and it was a new environment but either way it was rough. I resorted to his pacifier to try and help him sleep I was so exhausted. I honestly longed for the hospital because he had slept so well there!

On Tuesday I we had several visitors including my sister, cousin and a couple of friends. It was a nice relaxing day for Adam and I because there were all sorts of people around to hold him and change him. Poor aunt Stacie couldn't change his diaper without having him pee all over himself!!! she tried several times.

Wednesday we had to get up early to go have Lincoln's serum bilirubin levels drawn again. This was the condition to him getting discharged, his pediatrician wanted to be able to keep an eye on his levels. So my poor baby once again had to have his heel pricked. talk about breaking a new mom's heart! We then had his car seat check which was extremely helpful and we learned a lot. We then went to lunch at my dad's office so he could meet my aunt and his Godfather. Plus his papa steve and GiGi were happy to see him too! By the time we got home we were pooped. Then MiMi had to come over late  that night to get her Lincoln fix.

Thursday he had his first pediatrician's visit and he was already above his birthweight and he is in the 50th percentile for weight and 90th for height...imagine that one.  Then we came home and just relaxed the rest of the day, or what was left of it.

By friday we felt like we were getting the hang of things. And my aunt was having my grandma come in town because it was her birthday and we wanted her to be able to meet her first great grandSON! she has 4 great granddaughters but Lincoln is the first boy! it was nice getting to spend so much time with our family. Although Mommy had a bit of an emotional breakdown because they were talking about daddy having to go back to work and I can tell you that I was not wanting him to go!!!

The weekend was the busiest yet. Between breastfeeding support groups, Adam playing golf and spending time at my parents house, it left this mommy tired and ready to be home with my little family. Sunday was a great day because while Lincoln slept mommy and daddy were able to get to spend some good quality time together watching football.

Overall our first week as parents was full of visitors, little sleep and a lot of much needed time spend with each other. Being that Adam and I rarely spent time together before Lincoln was born made last week all the more special. I love my husband more than anything and getting to see him be such a doting and attentive father was heartwarming.

I truly love being a mom and and so grateful for the wonderful blessing God has bestowed on us in Lincoln. He is a beautiful little boy who I love  more than life it's self. He is going to have more love than he will know what to do with. I truly feel blessed to be his mom. I apologize to those reading this because I know this is long, but I wanted to make sure I am able to remember everything that happens! He has already changed so much and I a part of me longs to be back in the hospital when he was just a day old and remember him just like that. because time is going just too fast.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the week.

clearly smitten!

Daddy and his baby
looks like a little man already!

my little angel baby
such a handsome man who Daddy loves oh so much
my peaceful baby


  1. What a cutie pie, Steph! Love his pumpkin Jammies-Hudson has those too :) Boys are such fun, I hope you are enjoying him!

  2. Sounds like you had a busy first week! Remember to take that time for yourself and rest!! :)

  3. What a handsome little boy already!!