Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lorelai is THIRTEEN months old

And just like that somehow another month has gone by! I swear with each kid the days seem to blend together! And I'm even working part time now!! I just don't get where our days go! But much to my dislike I could say, Lorelai is 13 months old (10 adjusted). This means not only has she been with us for a whole year, but she's even close being adjusted to a year old! Time sure does fly! Life continues to be busy as ever and this month was no exception. Lorelai kept us on our toes with our first ever admission to the hospital (other than from her birth!) It's been quite a month and I'm just happy we are all still standing :)

Lorelai got these adorable sunglasses from her Godfather for her birthday. Lincoln just loves to put them on her and she does an ok job of keeping them on! She let me keep them on her for several walks. Heck I may not wear sunglasses but my kids must. LOL
I mean...come on! Cuteness OVERLOAD
  • she is getting more and more active, She still enjoys her jumperoo but is wanting to be on the ground more and more. She is crawling everywhere and is getting closer to a traditional crawl. She will get up on all 4s and rock but still not coordinated enough to get the traditional crawl down. She doesn't seem to mind. She just army crawls or rolls to wherever she needs to go. 

Adorable girl 
  • Big brothers adore her and will always run to her to make her laugh, or distract her while I'm busy doing something (most likely for them). They jsut love her and its obvious the feeling is mutual.

  • We've had a few nice days finally so I decided to take all the kids and the dogs for walks. Of course Lorelai had to wear her new hat and sunglasses. And I decided to wear her and have the boys sit in the stroller. She passed out and it was adorable to watch this little head bob up and down as I walked. 

Yup fell asleep with her head back! 

swinging! Loves it

Lincoln is such a big helper!
Like her brothers she loves to swing

  • Sleep, oh sleep. She is still a champ sleeper. She sleeps 12-14 hours at night and then will still take 2 naps a day! The morning nap can be long or short depending on her mood. and then vice versa. With picking Lincoln up from school often her morning nap is cut short so she makes up for it in the afternoon. 
Sweet baby

Love my snuggles sessions

Big brothers love to help wake her up

  • Oh food. Why do you have to be our nemesis? No matter if it's bottles or table food her poor little body does not want anything to do with it. Her mind thinks she wants food but her body won't let her. She's wanting more and more table food which I happily give her but her gag reflex is very strong and she inevitably pukes. EACH AND EVERY TIME! ugh! Avocados are about the only thing she's been able to keep down regularly
    • She's still on fortified 27 cal breastmilk, but mama is OFFICIALLY DONE pumping! So we are digging into our freezer stash. I'm just hopeful to get her through the next few months :)
    • We try table foods on occasion but we aren't super successful. She does NOT like carrots. We are getting first steps involved and she qualified for outpatient feeding therapy that I'm excited to start in the next month. 
Yuck Carrots! 
    trying a cone for DQ free cone day
  • To go along with her lack of wanting to eat, little miss didn't gain weight AGAIN this month! So her doctor decided to run several tests to see if we can come up with a reason. We drew several labs on her and we are getting a GI consult as well as first steps getting involved. All the lab work came back normal so now we just wait for GI to see her and get therapy involved. 

Poor baby girl She was a trooper! 

I could hold her all day. 
  • She's becoming more and more interactive. She is obsessed with her brothers and they truly feel the same way. They are always touching her and wanting her to be a part of what they are doing (so long as she doesn't take their trucks and legos away) and she feels the same way. 
  • She is starting to babble more and more and will say mama sometimes purposefully and will also occasionally say dada. 

Love her
melt my heart
  • She celebrated her first St. Patricks day at home, which is one of our favorite holiday's since it falls right before daddys birthday. So to keep with my promise she of course had to be dressed to the nines. And she rocked her adorable St. Patty's day outfits! 

Kiss me for luck!

Love those baby blues

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  • We of course also had to celebrate Adam's 35th birthday!! We were all so happy to get to have 5 of us together this year, since last year was spent in the NICU family lounge, our time split between kiddos. 

Happy Birthday Daddy!

  • We also celebrated our girls first birthday with family. Adam was not feeling the big birthday celebration this year, so we just did a small get together with immediate family and God parents! it was a fun day to celebrate our girls :)

Cake GOOD!

yummy cupcakes 
With her Godmama

With uncle Matt and Aunt Jenn and her BFF is in there too ;)

With Katey and Jordan 

not real sure about it

With her Godfather 

With Laynie's Godmother

And of course I had to get one with my Goddaughter

The Chafin Family

  • We also did a balloon release with everyone for Laynie Renee

Laynie you are missed EVERY SECOND of EVERYDAY!
  • Since everyone was in town for her birthday we did a little Easter celebration with both families. Bob and Kim hid Easter eggs for the boys and they had blast with it. 

Lincoln always wants to hold her!

sitting on the counter like a big girl 

With Grandma and Pop
  • We did a little celebration with my sister since she was in town too. 

Schutz Fam

  • So she is becoming more and more active and this was quite interesting to me. I was changing her diaper and per her usual she immediately turns on her side and starts to move, well this time she moved a bit much and under my constant supervision she about flung herself off the table. I was there the whole time and just watched her do it, I wanted to see if she would stop herself but of course she didn't and I was ready with my camera. 

  • She has started pulling up to her knees!!! WOO HOO!! 

  • We did a Easter play date with some friends that I work with. She really did have fun. 

  • We also did our traditional Easter Bunny pose. Lincoln did great so long as he didn't have to sit on the bunny's lap and Landon was ok with it so long as he didn't have to go near him. Lorelai of course was a gem! 

The bond between these two...melt!
  • One of my best friends was in town and we did some Easter celebrations, with egg hunts and movies, and other fun activities. 

With her friend Gabe :)
  • She is getting more and more mobile and is starting to pull up on everything. She has even started on the stairs :)

  • We had a birthday party where she enjoyed playing on the bounce houses and eating cake! 

mmmm cake

  • We celebrated her first Easter home too!!! I met Adam at early mass after working the night before and we took pictures when we got home and did an Easter Egg hunt and then did the Easter baskets! 

She did NOT want to be put down

Happy so long as Dad was holding her

Sleepy girl after a long day

  • She had her first real illness this month. She's had a few colds and runny nose type things over the year, but this was a full blown illness. She woke up from a nap one morning with a high fever, I gave her Tylenol and it didn't seem to touch her fever but she ate and went back to sleep shortly after and slept through the night. The next day she was still running a high fever when she woke up so we tried Advil and it didn't seem to help either. She ate breakfast but then puked. She fell back asleep but woke up and puked again. We tried a warm shower to get her fever down and it finally came down to under 100. She slept most of the day and continued to not be able to keep much down so I called her peditrician just to get some advice since when she woke up from her nap she was 102.3. I knew they couldn't do much but I wanted advice and they told me to take her to ER. So off we went. They admitted her with a pretty severe UTI and gave her some IV antibiotics and fluids. They chose to keep her overnight to observe her and give her a second round of antibitoics and fluids. While we were there she got an ultrasound of her kidneys and they looked great. So we just waited for her intake to pick up and then we got to come home. So we made it to her first birthday before another hospital admission but I'm grateful for the great care she received and that it was only overnight! 

she would sleep in the shower with me, and would hardly wake when we got out. I just held her

Little girl in a little gown

precious little feet

With Daddy. She was uncomfortable so we had to walk with her

Mama I don't feel good

Tylenol kicked in

Trying to keep her occupied

melt my heart

Finally in our room at Peyton Manning Childrens Hospital

She's never slept with a blanket, until she was in that gown and her back was exposed 

She fell asleep eating, so precious

morning nap

starting to feel better, so we got a bath and "played"

Afternoon nap before we got to go home!!!

After just short of 24 hours we were released to go home because she was eating again. She still had high fevers but they said that was to be expected so we kept up on her Tylenol and Advil to keep her comfortable. But it was nice to have her home again. 

still not feeling great

So when I put her to bed that night, I took off her hospital ID band and it struck me how big it is. So I dug in her memory box and brought out her tag that they put on her right after birth. It just struck me the size difference. It made me realize that I must be doing something right because this girl is getting bigger, though it may be a struggle we are slowly getting there.

  • The day after we got home She got evaluated by First Steps to see if she qualified for feeding therapy. Although I did NOT like the speech therapist that evaluated her because she was super judgmental and rude, I'm happy to say that she qualified for services and will begin feeding therapy soon! 

Since she is only 10 months old adjusted I decided to keep up with the monthly photos until she's 15 months or 1 year adjusted! So heres some more of her cuteness. 

big girl pulling up

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