Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lorelai is ELEVEN months old

Eleven months. WOW. again just can't believe it. First of all, I have to commemorate this day ( or the day she turned 11 months since I'm late writing it) to have her here, alive, well and thriving is the greatest blessing. Having Identical twins is super scary and there are a TON of complications that can go on. And exactly one year ago we went in for our routine every 2 week ultrasound to check fluid levels and cord blood flow. This is where we were told in a not very comforting manor or kind manor or really caring manor that Laynie was going to die within 24hrs and since the two of them shared a  blood supply the pressure change that would happen for Lorelai would more than likely either kill her or cause her to be mentally handicapped for her whole life. We were told we should consider terminating, consider having laser surgery, consider giving up on Laynie it was a lost cause. None of those options were ones we even considered for a second. We chose to fight, to fight for Laynie, to fight for BOTH of our girls. BOTH of them mattered then and they still do. Life brings you challenges that you may not be ready or willing to face, but I'm so blessed to have fought this battle with Adam and the two strongest little girls I know.

All that being said, to have Lorelai here is the greatest blessing we could recieve. She continues to thrive and is doing remarkably well!!! We are so happy with her progress and she is just amazing. She had her 3rd dose of her sinergist (RSV medication) and she weighed in at 15lbs 14oz which means she gained 1lb 6 oz, AMAZING RIGHT!!! and when you think Laynie was a whole 1lb 8 oz at birth its even more amazing. She is doing so well with her feedings that we have decided to take her off her reflux meds to see how she does.  Life has been so great this month and we are so blessed.

Heres a few of the happenings and milestones :)

  • Lorelai and Lincoln have really developed an adorable bond, She really only laughs for him and he just loves her, loves to smother her with love and affection. He is constantly telling her how pretty she is and attending to her every need. Yes she's spoiled and I'm ok with that. 

She loves when he jumps all over the place

Lorelai you're so cute! 
  • She is eating so well! She is taking 4 oz every 3 hours and is just doing so awesome!! Solids are still not her favorite but we keep trying. 
how cute is this?
  • We had some snow finally and I let the boys go out and play while miss thing and I stayed inside. She played in her high chair while I would make lunch for the boys. She just laughed and sat there entertaining herself. 

High chair time is fun! 
  • She is sleeping like a champ still. Continues to sleep for 12-14 hours and takes 2 naps a day. She is no longer swaddled and is doing great with that (not that I'm surprised) She loves to sleep on her stomach still but occasionally I'll find her on her back. 

  • We went to Chicago to help Stacie wedding dress shop. Besides it being like zero degrees outside she was a happy little traveler, cuddled up with TeTe and about 4 blankets :)

traveling in style

riding the bus

She loves her TeTe
  • We finally got the kids Christmas gifts too! and they are perfect. The boys love them and I'm sure Lorelai will love them too as she gets older. 

love our new chairs

  • The biggest thing she's done this month is officially CRAWL!!! She may just be army crawling but she is crawling to get where she wants to go and life just got a little more complicated trying to keep the house clean so she doesn't get into everything! so proud of this girl!!

After she crawled to get her toy! So proud! 
  • She is a sitting queen! She's doing really well with sitting and will sit and play with toys! She is much more entertained with being able to sit with something in front of her. Though she still likes her Jumperoo Sitting on the floor is a nice alternative. 
Sitting up like a big girl! :)

Such a big girl
jumping away
  • Lorelai and the boys gained another cousin this month! (adam and I gained a neice!! :)) We went up to spend some time with Adam's Brother and his family. They have one little girl already and has all the girly stuff. So Beth and I put Lorelai's hair in a "pony tail" Ahhh she's getting so big! 

pony tail!

All the Chafin kiddos! (this was difficult)
  • She loves her toys and will always put just about everything in her mouth! 
  • She is getting good a the pinser grasp and moving objects from hand to hand. She still will grab her toes and eat them occasionally
  • She giggling more and more and doesn't seem so scared to laugh now. :)
Here are a few Random pictures from the month. 

She loves her auntie Jenn
And her Aunt Katey!
that smile!
Love my girl
and of course last but not least....the 11 month (8 months adjusted) photos :)

This might be my favorite picture of her EVER

Lorelai you a blessing. Daddy and I love you so much. Your bright light shines through every day and brings us both so much joy. Thank you for being such a beautiful addition to our family.

I LOVE YOU <3 mama="" p="">

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