Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lorelai is TEN months old

I super duper late in this post, so I'm going to do my best at remembering what all she had accomplished and what she was up to. Thank goodness for iPhones for me to be able to remember what all we did!!! :)

Our girls are 10 months (7 months adjusted) THAT DOUBLE DIGITS!!  I know I say it every month but it doesn't seem possible! like seriously where has the time gone...oh boy is life busy with 3 kids here on earth!

This month has just been a joy like every other! We can't get enough of our girl. She is the happiest little baby ever, we thought Landon was easy but boy oh boy were we wrong. Lorelai is so rarely fussy it's been a real dream! She provides us with her normal preemie challenges but nothing we can't handle!

here is just a few things we've done this month and some of her accomplishments.

Happy Girl

  • She met santa for the first time with her brothers. We celebrated her first Christmas and it was a truly magical time with all our families. 

Meeting Santa is exhuasting
  • When in the NICU many babies will have primary nurses which are nurses that care for the babies every time they work so they get to know the babies and the families. While we loved every nurse who cared for Lorelai we have a very special bond with her primary nurses. One of her nurses had a beautiful baby girl and we of course had to go visit. Cheyenne and baby Elliot are just amazing and we love them so much!

sweet picture :)

  • At her doctor appointment. I just adore her! Check out her rolls!! We have rolls people!!!

  • We've started to sit up!! I can't believe it!! She will sit for a few seconds to a minute or two but gets bored and throws herself back to the floor so she can get to some rolling!! She's got a mind of her own for sure!

sitting baby!

  • Bath time isn't always a favorite but she sure is cute. We still primarily shower with her because lets face its just easier!

  • She still continues to  be quite the sleeper, she will sleep about 12-13 hours at night and depending on when she wakes up (currently around 10 am) She may or may not take a morning nap! But she takes a 2-4 hour nap in the afternoon. We still swaddle her on occasion, but I'm thinking we could get rid of that without any issues. 

cat nap in the car.. that face!

Shes always on her belly or on her side!!
Crazy Mimi thought the Changing table was a good place to nap
nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. 

  • She is doing really well eating this month. She takes 3.5-4 oz every 3 hours and she actually WANTS to eat!! WHAT??? She is doing so well! We are so proud. Solid foods are still very much not an interest for her but that ok, we offer them to her a few times a day but we don't force it. NO need to create more problems for ourselves so we will just continue to try! :)
you expect me to eat this...

  • We did our annual Polar Bear Express train ride with the boys and my parents. The boys of course loved it but Lorelai slept through most of it and was the perfect little train passenger. 

That face...ahhh

She even got her teddy bear on the train from Santa :)

  • We celebrated my grandma's Birthday too! My grandma's birthday is right before christmas but we all try to get together to let her know how loved she is!!

Happy Birthday GiGi
  • Christmas is always a fun but EXTREMELY busy time. Juggling all the family commitments can often be overwhelming and stressful, but this year it was different. We felt so fortunate to have our healthy kiddos we really were able to sit back and enjoy it. Lorelai and the boys really enjoyed every family get together and we made some wonderful holiday memories. 

The Schutz great grand kids! 

Christmas eve Mass at OLMC :)
  • My parents got me a new camera for Christmas that has Wifi capabilities so we (mainly me and my obessive picture taking) had fun playing with the camera. 

Dad was going to shave his beard off so he needed a picture to commemorate the beard with his grandkids

GiGi came up to celebrate Christmas

Merry Christmas

Schutz Family

I love her outfit

Chafin grandkids :)

Her Baba just loves her and is so Amazed by her. I love seeing them together

At the Hansen family Christmas :)

With their Baba and Dzedo
  • Adam and I got a new bed for Christmas and Lorelai loved sitting up on it :)

sitting with mama on our new bed
  • Lorelai still favors her mama and I couldn't be happier about that, my love for her grows every day. Here's a few random pictures of miss Things cuteness. 

that smile! 

I hope she always looks at me this way

  • And the obligatory monthly photos. Man oh man is she getting big!!!

Lorelai we love you so much!! You are the light in my dark days, you bring me joy with just your presence. Your dad and I are so grateful for you and your sister. You both have changed us in the most positive of ways, we are better parents, better siblings, better sons/daughters and most importantly better children of Christ because of you both. Thank you for being our children! You're amazing! 10 whole months. WOW baby girl!!

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