Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lorelai is FOURTEEN months

Each month with Lorelai truly gets better and better. Her sweet little personality comes out more and more, She is always a laugh, she smiles constantly and is just pure joy to be around. She has made such great strides this month and is really coming into her own.

  • She started feeding therapy this month, and I've seen some improvement. We first started by changing her nipple to a size 2 to see if that helped her with eating more. She still wants to only drink a few sips before shes done and moving onto the next thing. Unfortunately I didn't really see a difference in that, but we are slowly working on it. Shes doing better with solid foods, she will try anything and you can tell that she really wants to eat but its just uncomfortable. Unfortunately I'm giving her a little more processed foods than I would like to try and help with her gag reflex, but we have to do what we have to do. 

Give me the bottle

Trying out some solids. 
  • She is becoming more and more active and interactive. She enjoys playing with toys. She also gets her self into some troublesome situations. She's just so sweet. 

sweet girl

stuck and not happy about it
  • Her and I went to Chicago to see TT because I had a bachelorette party. She had a lot of un with her TT, and I realized how long her hair was and can almost put it in a pony tail!!! :)

Sleeping on the way home for Chi-town

Big girl is pulling up!! I was in the bathroom which is across from her room, cleaning out cloth diapers and I looked into her crib to see her standing!! WHATTT??? I just love when she reaches another milestone!!! So proud of her!

  • The weather has been getting nicer and so we've been spending a lot of time outside going for walks and playing at the park. She loves being outside, not quite as much as her brothers do but she does enjoy it. She likes swinging but is NOT a fan of the slide. 

group hug with Mimi

Nap time during grocery shopping. 

Landon Helping her swing

sweet pretty baby

think she got bored...time to go home and sleep. 

sleepy girl 

She will suck on her bottle for the whole hour walk!!
  • I often wear her during our walks and she will fall asleep like this which is just precious and sweet. 

  • We had another round of high fevers and puking that lasted a little over 12 hours. Luckily some extra TLC was all this girl needed. She was so sad and it broke my heart to see her that way. But I'm glad it didn't last long. 

sleepy congested baby girl 
  • most nights she is a great sleeper. She will go to sleep around 9pm and sleep until 8-9am, or even sometimes longer than that! She takes 2 naps. though I am trying to get her down to 1 but little miss likes her sleep!

  • We met up with a friend of mine and one of the nurses who took care of us while I was on High Risk. I just adore her and love how much she loves my girls. 

  • Her first time on a plane, We went to a plane pull and we walked through some planes, so I of course had to document it. Even though she still hasn't ridden in one. She walked through it. :)

  • She is getting stronger, and Daddy just loves to lift her! She is a crawling champ, babbling like crazy. she will say mama, dada, and baba. She does a great job of mimicking us and will blow raspberries. She is a lot of fun. 

  • Although she loves her mama the most, she loves her dada and has suck a sweet twinkle in her eyes when she sees him. 

  • We had a family birthday party and Adams Parents were in town that weekend, so we enjoyed some extra snuggles with Grandma and then some other family members. 

  • I have cousins who were pregnant at the same time as me with the girls. They are twins and our kiddos were all born within a few weeks of each other. Emily (on the right) was the oldest and then 6 days later the girls were born and then in May Blake was born. It's so fun having kids the same age as my cousins. We always enjoy our time with family. 

Blake, Lorelai and Emily

We participated in our first of I'm sure to be many March of Dimes walks. It was an emotional day, I cried, I felt at peace and It was a bunch of fun with my Sister In Laws family. My SIL has a sister who had idential twin boys at 27.5 weeks as well. It was so nice to be invited to be a part of this walk with all of them. Team L Squared was well represented.

My sister is my Guardian Angel

Monthly photos....She's getting so big and its so much harder to do these. Sorta looking forward to being done next month. 

This comparison photo shows how far she has come. Such a beautiful little thing! So proud of this girl!!! 

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