Monday, December 29, 2014

16 Weeks with the Twins

Week of December 11, 2014

How far along: 16 weeks! Almost half way!
I forgot to take a 16 week pic, so this was at
work to show my sister how big I've gotten
16 weeks 1 day

Due Date: October 6, 2013

Total weight gain/loss: About 11

Maternity clothes? yes! I swear they are so comfortable! 

Stretch Marks? Yup!

Sleep: Yep! Still good there!

Best moment this week: we've had a great week! We got back Tuesday and Adam took weds off and we spent a great day with the boys seeing jingle rails at the Eiteljorg and then went to my u/s to see our girls!!! Lorelai is 5 oz and Laynie is 4 oz. Lorelai's heart rate is 187 and Laynie's is 183! 

Movement: still nothing regular

Food cravings: nothing really. 

Food aversions: none

Gender: girls! 

Labor Signs: none yet thank goodness

Belly Button in or out? Still in 

What I miss: nothing really. This pregnancy is going well and is a lot easier than with the boys. (They will probably be terrible babies or something!) but I just hope it continues. But I guess I miss sleeping on my stomach comfortably because lets face it side sleeping is not as comfortable.

What I am looking forward to: Nothing really happening this week! So just continuing to get closer to meeting our littles. 

Size of the Baby: 

Baby's now the size of an avocado!
Watch what you say...tiny bones forming in baby's ears mean she can now pick up your voice. A few more minuscule changes: Eyebrows, lashes, and hair are starting to fill in, and taste buds are forming.

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