Friday, August 22, 2014

Landon's 10 months old!!!!!

How is it that my baby is no longer single digit months!!! He’s 10 months old! WHAT THE HECK!!! Seriously where does the time go. I’m just flabbergasted! The month of July truly just came and left before I knew it! Its been a busy work month with extra shifts and I swear this whole working full time thing really takes it out of you!! But is what it is…I’m just thankful to help support my kids and hubby with a job that’s enjoyable to go to.

I've been meaning to write this post for a few days, but there was an unexpected death in the family, and my mind has been elsewhere. 

But Landon has been such a joy the last month, not that he ever isn't, but I love this age in how they gain so much personality, temper and begin to really figure things out. He's still the happiest baby ever, and so super easy but he also lets us know when he's mad and things aren't going the way he wants them to. 

Here are a few of his milestones:

  • He's still our champion sleeper. going down a little later this month, around 9 or so and sleeping until about 7/8 with a feeding and then down for another hour or so. 
  • He also takes a morning nap on the mornings I work back to back, since I'm not there for the early morning feeding, and also a 2-4 hr afternoon nap.
  • He still breastfeeds 4/5 times a day. 
    • there are days where he wants nothing to do with table food, and there are days where he wants nothing to breastfeeding during the day. 
  • I haven't really found a food he doesn't like. He does really well eating table food in the evenings. He loves the dinners we have together
    • He likes puffs and cheerios a lot. I've been bad about veggies this month, but always room for improvement. But he likes peaches and pears a lot. 
  • He is crawling, but mostly army crawl. He has in the last few weeks taken a few "normal" crawling steps, but he still prefers the army crawl over anything
  • He pulls up on EVERYTHING! and I mean Everything. Nothing is safe. This means he falls down from time to time, and he has a lot of bruises on his poor little head. 
  • His favorite place to pull up is onto our "tv stand" and he is now starting to pound on our tv. I'm going to have to think of something to prevent this because I don't want him ruining our TV like Lincoln did our last one! 
  • He will also climb a few stairs, and has even fallen down a few before I could run to get him! (we are talking about 1 step, not several)
  • We had to move his crib to the lowest spot this month bc he has gotten so good at the pulling up that I didn't trust him not to fall out. 
  • He loves to stand and bounce. When he is pulled up into the standing position he just bounces his little legs. 
  • When he stands holding our hands, he will take a few steps! 
  • He will mimic you a lot, more so than I remember Lincoln doing
    • He will say mama, dada,  and tt. but i still don't think he knows what it means
  • He knows his name! He will always turn and look at you when you say his name. 
  • We are working on "high-fiving" He sometimes does it. We are also working on "bye bye"
  • We have had to start discipline him. Which breaks my heart. I hate it, because I feel like kids are  so innocent, but he has to learn somehow. 
  • He thinks Peak-a-boo is hilarious!
  • He is in size 12/18 month cloths. Mostly 18 months.
  • He most of the time hates to have his diaper changed, and hates to have his clothes changed...i don't get this at all
  • He loves his big brother and watches him all the time and loves to interact with him. 
  • He also loves pillows. He sees a pillow and he gets so excited and immediately throws himself down onto it.

Here are a few of my favorites from this month's photo session. 

Landon is just a beautiful little boy and has such a beautiful soul. I love every moment I get to spend with him, and I just hate leaving him for work or other things. He's just perfect! and the perfect little addition to our family! I can't believe he is getting so close to ONE!! crazy how time flies...

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