Friday, August 1, 2014

Thank You Dave Ramsey!

I just wanted to post this because I wanted to remember what this felt like and how happy we are to have accomplished this.

I’m proud to say that Adam and I are officially CREDIT CARD DEBT FREE!!!! Back in February we decided to stop the cycle of paying off our credit cards and getting back into debt and just figure out how to live on a budget and get out of debt.

This month (A few days shy of my goal) we are officially free of credit cards and I am also so proud that we will NEVER have them again. If we don’t have the money then we don’t’ need it…even those 0% for so many month ones…we are not responsible enough to have them, and I’m ok with that!

Our next goal is to have Adams student loans paid off by December, that might be hard to do, but it’s a goal…and I’m hoping we can make it…

I’m just so proud of our hard work and dedication! It feels so good to say that! And here in a few weeks, we will have our car repairs, and my doctor bill paid off! So all that’s left is the major stuff! Cars, student loans and our house!

God is good!


  1. Way to go!! We really need to do this! Any tips or suggestions? I know making the commitment is the hardest step!

  2. We took the class and that really helped motivate us! we haven't been perfect about it, but it helped us both be on the same page and really talk about all the expenses we had. We were able to finally really get on a budget and stick to it and it felt fair to both of us. But I would definitely say cutting up the credit cards was the hardest part, because we used them as a safety net. We now can't spend what we don't have. If we don't have the $ then we can't spend it. instead of getting into the habit of putting it on a CC and then "paying it off later" we were never good about the paying it off later part.