Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Boy or Girl?

Since some people don't know me all that well, I thought I'd comment on this little situation.
I know that normally people find out what they are having. Some people say they need to plan, some say they just need the control of it and whatever other excuse they may give.

Well Adam and I are little different in that regard. We chose not to find out what we were having when we got pregnant the first time. I personally feel it's one of life's great surprises and I enjoyed torturing everyone else about it.

Now some people say that it's just as exciting to find out on the day of the birth as in the ultrasound room or at a gender reveal party (I do want to do this just once!!! maybe the last pregnancy?). But for us it was exciting not knowing. Although I will say that since I was pretty sure I was having a boy the first time, plus I was down right exhausted after 25 hours of labor, finding out we in fact had a boy wasn't as thrilling as I thought it would be.

When we got pregnant with Lincoln Adam asked me if I wanted to find out, I told him no. I asked him if that was ok, and he said he didn't really care.

So with Baby #2 I decided to let him choose. He said he didn't want to know. I later find out that he feels like we got what we wanted (a boy) so he doesn't want to mess with a good formula (getting pregnant in January, having the baby in October and not finding out the gender), maybe he's a little superstitious I don't really know. I do have to admit that I have more of a desire to know this time. I think it's because we already have one, and they will (God willing) be born around the same time so I want to know for clothes purposes, because lets face it, if it's a boy, we are SET clothes wise :)

I made my appointment for my ultrasound a few weeks ago. I tried to make it early in the morning so that Adam might be able to come, but I was unable to do that. So luckily my mom was able to come so I would have someone to watch Lincoln :) My mom desperately wants to know what we are having, but being the good wife that I am I stuck with Adam's desires, and banned her from looking at the screen! and if you're asking No I didn't find out either.

Overall the Ultrasound went well. We are having a healthy...BABY! Though baby was in a difficult position to see some things (breech and right up against my placenta). We did get a few good pictures...The doctor had to come in to get a better look after the ultrasound tech left, because they were having a hard time looking at the kidneys, and heart and getting a good still picture. but when scanning everything looked great. The doc did have to go down to that region and although he said it was hard to get a good picture, he knows what he would call the baby :) As temped as I was to ask him...I didn't...and a day later I'm still ok with that decision. Only 22 more weeks until we find out what this baby is :) damn that seems long!!

For those who are dying to know I've added the baby's first ultrasound on here to show this little wives tale if you must. I read this thing on pinterest about being able to tell the sex of the baby at the first ultrasound based on where the placenta is. So far with my friends i'm 4/4. This tale says that if the placenta is on the right side of the uterus when looking at's a girl. When on the left...its a boy.  For lincoln it was on the it was right on that one :) Take a look for yourself :)

9 weeks 4 day placenta is on the left...BOY?

our sweet baby L  3D...not very good due to position against my placenta but it will do :)


arm and hand :)


love this little nugget already!

So you decide for the next 22 weeks...what is baby.. boy or girl?

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  1. Ive read that about the placenta. I guess there is also a way you can tell gender from the skull. Not sure what it is, something like one gender the skull sticks out farther in the front maybe? Idk, just food for thought. :)

    I'm so glad you are having a healthy BABY though! :)