Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm going to miss her

2 years ago one of my dear friends moved from northwest indiana to fishers for a teaching position. In finding out she had a job here in Fishers, she needed a place to stay for a couple of weeks while she figured out where to live and all that stuff. Fast forward 2 years and she just moved out this weekend.

back in 

Nikki and I became friends in college when she moved in with my cousin Allison. it was one of those fast friendships and we became incredibly close really fast. Unfortunately she was 2 years older than me and was graduating. We were lucky and remained really close after she graduated. One memory I have is that the summer I met Adam she was in Maine as a camp counselor so we had to "talk" through 10 minute voicemails every couple of days.
best of friends

When she moved in 2 years ago we thought it would just be a week or two while she figured out where she wanted to live etc. We were both really weary about living together because we both had such horrible experiences in college and never really wanted to live with anyone again.
As things played out we got along really well, and things really couldn't have gone any better, so we decided to continue to live together until the end of the school year so she wouldn't have to have a lease to an apartment that would be up in the middle of her school year.
<3 her

Luckily Adam and I have a large enough house where she was able to take over the bonus room and use the closet in the spare room. The only real obstacle we had was that she had a cat and Sadie (our German Shepherd) hates all things that are under 40 lbs and wants to eat them, so we just set up a baby gate to keep her away from little Mya and for the most part it worked really well (until 2 weeks ago when Sadie made a run for her and cut her head, costing her 12 stitches!)

Then Adam and I got pregnant with Lincoln and the two of us discussed if Nikki should stay here or not. and we both had no issues with her staying and since we all were getting along she stayed.

Well on saturday she moved out and I'm honestly so sad. My house feels so empty and lonely without her. Adam travels a lot and having her here was really nice distraction from all that. She kept me company and has been an amazing friend to me. I don't have a lot of close friends that are here in town (my 3 closest friends until recently have all been out of state) and can be a little on the introverted and loaner side so when Adam is gone it still gave me someone to hang out with even though she would go out and have a life of her own. She was a huge part of my daily life.
after she first moved in

Part of me wants to be selfish and have her still living here but I know that it was time for her to go.  After all with Lincoln getting bigger we needed to turn our basement into his playroom which is where she had stored her stuff for 2 years. Plus the move she made was an extremely positive one. She moved in with her boyfriend of 9+ years and I know that her move was the best for the both of them. But selfishly I'm sad because they moved to his hometown which is 3 hours away!

the last picture I have of us...and I look horrible @ 8 months preggo!
I truly do wish her all the best and know that we will remain close, I mean thats what skype is for :) But for now it's just hard not having her be a part of my daily life. It's funny how you realize when people are gone how much they helped you and how much you relied on them. (I had to remember to feed my own dogs today!) Plus she was such so extremely helpful with Lincoln, when I just needed 5 minutes to finish dinner, vacuum, or finish folding clothes, she would just whisk him off up to her room while I was able to finish what I was doing.

I just have to keep telling myself that although it's hard right now, it really is the best for everyone, I mean at some point Adam and I have to live on our own (she's our second room mate in 4 years) But, now I must try and figure out when i can go down and visit her or she come back up here...Until then Nikki I miss you terribly and Lincoln does too!

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