Sunday, May 20, 2012

7 Months Old

My sweet angel baby is 7 whole months old! This last month has been the best yet! He has been so much fun, I truly enjoy every single second I get with him. We've done so much in such a short amount of time. He's started on solids, we went on his first vacation, he went in the pool and the ocean for the first time, he's just a joy to be around!

Our little man is growing so much everyday and we love him more, I swear he learns new things everyday and no two days are the same. Just when I think I have him figured out he changes.

Here are a few highlights of the last month

  • He is a pro at sitting up. While he doesn't pull himself up into that position, if you put him in a sitting position, he will stay there for a long time. 
  • He still enjoys tummy time, but I think now it's because he's becoming a little more mobile, but he will play on his tummy for almost an hour...allowing me to get more things done!!
  • He rolls EVERYWHERE. while he's not crawling he is definitely moving! If placed on his mat, he will inevitably end up at the other side of the room. 
  • He is a very vocal child. While I'm not sure if you would call it babbling, he is making noise and screaming and just hilarious 
  • He still enjoys his jumperoo but not for as long anymore
  • He likes his highchair as an alternative play place. I just give him some toys and he is entertained long enough to let me get dinner on. 
  • His tongue is his new favorite toy, he tries to mimic me when I make noises with my tongue...adorable
  • He blows raspberries occasionally
  • He still loves to stand all the time, but he doesn't take any steps yet
  • He will get up on all 4s and rock back and forth...crawling looks like it will come soon!
  • He loves his toys and will try with all his might to get them. 
  • He studies his toys more, examining each and every part of the toy...thinkin Lincoln...
  • He loves peekaboo! I play with a little blanket and he loves it...he giggles all the time
  • He started on solids this month and he's not crazy about rice cereal but he likes his veggies. I've made 2 batches of food and there isn't a whole lot he doesn't like. I've only tried fruits a couple times and he's not a big fan of them...but he loves his green veggies and avacados!
  • Bath time has become a lot easier...I've discovered he has to be fed and not tired and then I just sit him in the shower with me and he plays with his toy
  • I've stopped carrying a pacifier because it just would tick him off if I tried to give it to him
  • Sleep is a little bit more of challenge. He doesn't sleep through the night anymore, He usually goes to sleep around 8 and then will wake up around 5 for a feeding then sleep until 8 or 9. But lately he's been getting up at 1 or 2 as well...mommy is TIRED!!
  • Naps are getting better. When he wakes up he's usually only up for about an hour, then has been going down for a 2 hour nap. Then is up for about an hour then goes down for another 1-2 hours!!! and sometimes will even take a 30-45 min nap late in the evening. This would be awesome if he slept through the night...but oh well
  • He seems to be growing like a weed and is almost in 12-18 month clothing...where did my bebe go??
And here are a few of my favorites from his photoshoot. He was so much fun this time!!!

7 Months Old 
so playful


"ooo a bear, I think I'll eat it"

Mr. Active did not last long

trying to reach for something

I love those little feet!

and once he found the sticker, it was over.

hes just so darn cute!

I'm sure there are more milestones I've forgotten but oh well. We just love our little man so much and he's growing so much! Every day we get to spend with him is truly a blessing. I know I've said it before but I just can't get enough of him! I miss him every time I'm not holding him. He's truly enriched our lives more than we could have ever imagined. We are so blessed to be his parents! 
Mommy and Daddy love you Linc man!

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