Monday, May 7, 2012

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Right before we left for vacation last week, I had my monthly book club. Nikki and I hosted it and the turn out was horrible. I feel a little bummed that only 5 people came when we have almost 14 people in our group but I guess thats life for you.

So we read Rich Dad, Poor Dad as Nikki's pick. And I am a little blasé about it. It wasn't a hard read, but it was a rather boring read. To me it felt like a lot of bragging about how he made his millions and was able to retire at 47, which I wish I was able to do. But he kept talking about how he would borrow thousands from friends to make these amazing investments which is totally cool if you have friends that allow you to do that, but I for sure don't. So it was kind of a null point for me. Maybe someday Adam and I will be able to make a little more with investments that will have a larger financial outcome but for now I didn't find the book helpful at all.  It did have a few helpful pointers but is not worth a full read...
I rate this one as a 4/10

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