Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lenten Promises

Lent starts today and with that brings Lenten promises. Growing up all I knew was that for lent I had to give something up. But I never really thought about the reasons why we give things up. As I've gotten older and grown in my faith I realize why we give things up, or make sacrifices.

In high school, every year for lent many of my friends and I did the easy "give up junk food". It was just sort of a general idea, and we never really thought about the real meaning behind it. However I've really come to realize the true meaning of Lent in the last few years and why it's important to make a sacrifice.

Lent in todays society in my opinion is lost. People don't focus on the sacrifice they are making in what they are giving up. The point is to make a sacrifice, and for me I want to give something up that every time I think about wanting that particular thing I've given up, I want to think about the sacrifices Jesus has made for me.

With that being said I could go back to the giving up junk food, but I'm actually going to take it a step further and specifically say give up ice cream. For me I love ice cream. I would have it EVERYDAY if I could, and honestly most days I do. So for me specifically giving up Ice cream will help remind me everyday when that craving kicks in of all the sacrifices God has made and how I need to re-prioritize my life.

Also this lent I want to work on being a healthier person all around. God has given me the greatest gift of all...LIFE. and with that Life he has given me this body to live it through. I know I'm not alone in in this when I say, I do a pretty horrible job of taking care of the body he has given me. I want to take care of my body on all levels, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

To do this, I intend to try and eat healthier this lent, exercise a few times a week and really focus on my daily prayers.

What I hope to accomplish this lent is to come out of it a better person and a better child of God. I hope to be closer to being the Catholic I should be for our wonderful and all giving God.

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  1. I'm right there with you in that opinion, that Lent really seems lost. For me, I am giving up Starbucks. My goal is to save the money I would have spent at Starbucks and put it towards something that someone else is doing, clothing, supplies, etc. I know there is someone that needs something more desperately than I need a Starbucks.