Thursday, March 8, 2012

End of an Era :(

Now I have to admit, I'm not the biggest sports fan ever, I enjoy going to games, I enjoy watching football on sundays and all that, but I'm no die hard by any favor.

Before getting into my last semester of school and being pregnant and all that fun stuff, I used to live for Sundays during the fall because Adam and I would get up and got to church, then usually lay around and watch football all day. Sometimes we would go to friends houses for the Colts games and it was always so much fun.

Well this year, I was a little preoccupied with a screaming infant to really care about football, and afterall the colts were without our beloved #18 so who really cared? the few games I caught were painful, especially seeing my lovely purdue grad pretty much suck. but oh well there was always next year right?

Well today (yesterday, by the time I finish writing this post) marks a sad in Indianapolis. Our beloved Peyton Manning was released from the colts, and I'm pretty sure Jim Irsay became one of the most hated men in Indy.

I understand why they chose to let him go, because it was such a huge liablity but it's really sad, even for those who aren't die hard fans. I wasn't a big pro football lover until I met Adam and so ever since then the face of the colts has always been Peyton.

It truly feels like an end of an era, and I'm nervous to see what the next few years will bring to our colts. They have made so many changes over the last few month, it makes me feel like this fall will be just as bad. Plus if/when Peyton gets picked up by another team it will be really hard to see him playing for another team.

Peyton you will be missed!!!

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