Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lincoln's first Thanksgiving

For Lincoln's first Thanksgiving we went to Vincennes to spend it with Adam's family. I can not express how much we love spending time with his family and what I would give for them to be closer. So far we/they have been really lucky to see Lincoln almost every week, but now they will go 3 weeks without seeing him and that breaks my heart. I know one day they will move up here and I can't wait for that day!

We left wednesday after Adam got done with work and Lincoln did fabulously!!! I fed him right before we left and he only started to stir when we were pulling into town! He did awesome especially since it's a 3 hour ride!

We had Adam's favorite pizza for dinner that night and Adam and I help his mom cook the stuffing, pumpkin and pecan pies. Lincoln was loved on by his Pop while we cooked and I have to say that watching Adam's dad with Lincoln is one of my favorite things. We also had several of Adam's mom's friends come to see him and I just love that they love our little man as much as we do. Adam's mom is so blessed to have these wonderful women in her life!

We woke up a little later in the morning and helped Adam's mom with cooking the dinner while Lincoln was awesome and took his somewhat morning nap.

We were joined by Adam's grandparents and his grandparents friends for dinner. It was a delicious dinner and we enjoyed spending time with everyone.

Lincoln was awesome and was for the most part really happy boy...which is getting better lately. We left late Thanksgiving night to come home so Adam and I could try to find a deal on black friday for a stove. And so I could attend a breastfeeding support group meeting on friday morning.

I can now say that I've tried that black friday thing and I don't quite understand why people enjoy it. I would much rather spend the extra money and not have to deal with stupid people and all the lines. We arrived back in Indy around 11 and dropped Lincoln off with my sister so we could go to HHGregg to see if their stoves were on sale, which they weren't. But we did get a few other items for people . So overall it was a successful trip in many ways, Lincoln slept well for my sister and we knocked out a few Christmas presents.

here are a few pictures of our little man on his first thanksgiving!!! :)

with his Pop while we cooked pies



he was a happy boy and smiling like crazy...i tried to capture it

cute face

hi mom

happy boy

too cute

with great grandma

with his great grandparents!

they love him

4 generations!

My first thanksgiving

smiles for Grandma

we wanted a family picture...I was exhausted as you can tell

happy boy!!!


  1. I love all these pictures! He looks so happy and he's getting so big! I love following your little family :)

  2. Steph, he's SO cute. I'm loving how full of expression he is :)