Monday, November 7, 2011

Lincoln's first Halloween

For Lincoln's first Halloween we were in Vincennes IN visiting Adam's parents.

Last week Adam had to go out of town to work on the New I69 in southern Indiana. Where they work is about 20 minutes from Adam's parents house so Lincoln and I packed up monday and headed to their house. It was our first car ride that was longer than 20 minutes and I unfortunately did it alone. I didn't leave until the afternoon because everyone had to work and it would have been dumb for me to be there too early.

We only had to stop once so he could feed, and I did it in the wendy's parking lot. I honestly am not as modest as I once thought I'd be...i mean I'll never see those people again.

Anyways we made it safe and sound and he looked oh sooo cute in his little outfit for the day.

Once we arrived at his parents house, we dressed Lincoln up in his "costume". My friend had bought him this ADORABLE outfit and it was just perfect for a Halloween Costume.

our little cow 
mommy and baby

passed out

I look like shit, but its i think our first family picture

he was awake and in a good mood so I had to capture it

smiles !!!


cutie pants 
he is getting so big

His parents only had like 3 trick or treaters, I guess most people trick or treated over the weekend. But it was nice that Adams parents got to spend Lincoln's first Halloween with him.

It was a good day and I'm sad to say its over, but I'm looking forward to future Halloweens and getting to take him trick or treating!!!

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