Monday, December 5, 2011


So I suck and totally forgot to blog about Lincoln's most important day yet!!!
When he was 5 weeks old he was BAPTIZED in the Catholic Church! granted a lot has happened since then, but it was still an extremely important day!!

We chose my sister to be his Godmother. I had asked her when we told her we were pregnant with Lincoln. I put his ultrasound picture in a frame and had the words "would you be my Godmother" on it. She actually told me that she woke up one day before I had him and she was hold tightly to the picture. HOW CUTE!!! She was made to be his Godmother!!!

her and I have never been all that close but Lincoln has truly brought us closer together and I'll forever be thankful for that.

For his Godfather it was a little trickier. Since I don't have any brothers, we chose my cousin Jeremy, since I was under the impression that his Godparents needed to be Catholic. He is the closest thing I have to a brother. He is only 6 months younger than I am. We were in the same grade and went to the same school and we've always really leaned on each other during hard times. He's an amazing guy and I'm so grateful he is in my life and will be such a huge part of Lincoln's life.

So He was baptized after the 12:30 mass on November 13th. His Baptismal gown was made by my aunt's mother in law and it was made from my wedding dress. I've never really understood preserving a wedding dress, i never plan to wear it again and I don't want my future daughter to wear it because I feel your wedding dress should reflect you and your personality, and plus styles change all the time. So I always knew my dress would be made into a gown for my children to be Baptized in. This gown will be used for all of my children's baptisms. The slip will have their names embroidered on it with the date they were Baptized. I would love for my grandchildren and so on to use the dress to but I will leave that up to their parents. :)

Overall it was a beautiful day and it was spent with almost all of Lincoln's family and closest friends. Adam and I are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to support our little man. They were all so generous to him and gave him wonderful gifts and lots of money. Adam and I decided to take the money they gave him and open a college account for him. I have to do a little more research on the subject but I believe it's an account that is set up especially for college. I also hope it's an account that anyone could put money in for him in the future. We have been meaning to set this up but haven't gotten a chance since Adam is out of town a lot now, but hopefully we will do it soon!

Here are a few pictures:

Monsignor preparing for the baptism

proud parents

with the Godparents


So proud of our little man
with Mimi and Papa

with his pop and Grandma

Uncle Andrew and Auntie

With his GiGi!!!!!!

pondering what just happened

with all of his amazing Grandparents
Congratulations Lincoln! We Love you!!!

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