Monday, November 14, 2011

One Month Old

My precious baby boy is one month old!!! I just can't believe it's been a whole month since that long day of 25 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing. Time really does fly by.

I love my baby boy so very much and it's a love the grows daily. Adam's and my life has changed dramatically in the last year and it's hard to believe what our life was like before Lincoln came along.

Over this last month I have really enjoyed getting to know my baby son, who lived inside of me for 9 months. Tears are brought to my eyes when I think back to our first ultrasound where he looked like nothing more than a kidney bean with arms. when I stare at him it truly makes me thankful for the miracle of life that our little bean has grown into a beautiful boy.

Adjusting to having a newborn has been quite a challenge. I'm quite thankful for having time off to figure him out as well as all the help I've gotten. From Adam, his mom and my sister I don't think i would have made it through this month without them.

Lincoln is a little bit of a fussy baby. I wouldn't go so far as to call him colicy because he is consolable but he is definitely fussy. Adam thinks he hates him because he is fussiest at night and when Adam tries to help me he cries even harder, the thing Adam doesn't realize is he cries for me too...A LOT! But his fussiness is getting less and less. What I mean by fussy is that if he is not sleeping he is honestly screaming. I then have to pick him up and find what position he likes in which he is only content for around 10 minutes and then we have to start the cycle all over again.

Over the last month Lincoln has really changed. He is holding his head up a lot more. In fact when I hold him up by my shoulder a lot of times he can hold his head up, it's a little wobbly at times but he does a great job with it.

Here are few more of his milestones/things he enjoys this month.

  • At nearly 3 weeks he smiled at me for the very first time while I talked to him
  • At just over 3 weeks he grew out of his newborn clothes 
  • After discovering the swaddle he will sleep anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours at night until around 4 am and then wants to be in bed with mama, which is where he gets most of his "tummy time" laying on my chest
  • he is starting to track us a lot more
  • He has started cooing and it's the best sound in the world
  • He LOVES bright lights
  • He will play on his activity matt for about 5-10 minutes at a time most days
  • He loves to be bounced, I spend most of my days and nights doing this
  • He likes his butt patted while being bounced. 
  • When he gets really fussy the best way to calm him down is to take him in the shower and let the  water run on him. He loves it!
  • He moves his legs and arms more and more
  • Although he is a fussy baby, his fussiness is getting less and less...light at the end of the tunnel???
  • He found his tongue and sometimes I swear he is a frog!
I'm sure there are more but I can't remember them. :(

At his doctor's appointment today his stats are:
  • He weighs 9 lbs 14 oz
  • He is 22.75 inches long (he grew and inch in 2 weeks...eek)
  • He is in 80th percentile for height 
  • He is in 45th percentile for weight
  • His newborn screen came back and he is a perfectly healthy little boy!
Looks like we have a long and lean baby on our hands. 

Well last tuesday I started our monthly pictures. I wanted to have the date in the picture and will try to have a fun and creative way to do this. I also wanted and object that will show how much he has grown so I chose the winnie the pooh.

Since his fussy times are at their peak at night and I took these at night you can imagine how this worked out...

less than thrilled

angry pants

daddy had to hold his head up

he's so cute though

we calmed down a little

bright eyes


I stopped to feed him...

and fussy again

too cute!

all better again




I love this

i put washcloths under his head to help hold it up

my favorite

he found his tongue this month

and we're done
so this is Lincolns first month in a nutshell. I really can't believe it's been a whole month already. People aren't lying when they say enjoy it because time flies. While a large part of me is really sad that he is already a month old because I loved how small he was. I am however excited to see him continue to grow. I'm glad I will be working nights so I will still be able to be here with him every day. Hopefully he will be a good napper so that I can get some sleep during the day.

We love our baby boy and are so blessed to be his parents!
happy 1 month birthday Lincoln Robert!

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