Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hernia Repair

Last Friday I began to write this post but just lost track of time. But I wanted to get an update out there.

So last Friday Adam had his hernia repaired. Pretty minor surgery, it was outpatient and went smoothly.
This was Adam's second hernia, his first was 30 years ago(yes my husband is old!) when he was only about 10-11 months old.

In meeting with the surgeon he said that it's pretty common when babies have hernias that they come back when they are older. One reason being they don't repair them the same way as they do when someone is full grown and two 30 years ago the technology wasn't what it is today.

The way they repair it today is with mesh. They literally put a piece of mesh (looks kind of like the inside of a colander) over the repair and then your skin grows and attaches to it to hold it in place. They use dissolvable stitches and actually do it laparoscopically. This cuts down on recovery time and the risk of infection.

We had to be at the hospital at 6am!!! not to mention my test was the day before so this was 2 days in a row of up before 5 am! But we get there and he is taken back to a room where they do his vitals, start and IV and just kind of get his health history. He was wheeled back to surgery at about 745 and surgery began at about 8:15. Later the anesthesiologist told me it took a lot of drugs to put him under!!! who woulda though thought my 6' 4" husband required large amounts of drugs to go under...

The surgery took about 2 hours, and during this time I sat in the waiting room holding back tears. I was so nervous simply because there are a lot of risks involved with general anesthesia. I had the stupid irrational fears that he would die on the table and I would be left all alone with no way to pay my bills and frankly I'm scared of being a lone and loosing him. :(  But I put my big girl panties on and tried to stay distracted (hence the two posts in one day!)

2 hours later I am called back to the same room as before and he is doing fine. He gets 2 pain pills, some gram crackers and some diet Pepsi and we wait to see how he does with his pain. It took about 2.5 hours of sitting in the room before the nurse (who was wonderful) was able to come in and discharge us. So at about 1:30 we were out the door and headed home.

Adam pretty much slept most of the next days. I ended up working the following day and between my mom and Nikki they kept an eye on him for me. Just to make sure he was feeling OK and was eating something.

All in all it was a successful surgery.  He is still uncomfortable at times but that mainly has to do with his bruising in a not very pleasant area. He finally went back to work as a waiter on Thursday and he said things were fine but just uncomfortable at times.

I'm glad everything went well and he is almost back to normal. He has a check up with the doctor on Tuesday and hopefully all will go well!
Well until then...MUCH LOVE

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