Friday, February 4, 2011

1 year later!

A year ago this week ( I was busy studying and didn't get this up in time) we added another furry baby to our family, Luke.  He is an English Setter who is roughly 12-13 years old. Adam got him the summer before his senior year in high school (he was 17). According to his mother he had wanted a dog and wouldn't take no for an answer. We believe he was born in Aprilish.

While still living at home, Adam's parents were ok with him having a dog so long as he stayed out side. They have a fenced in yard and so thats where Luke hung out. The only bad part of this plan was that when adam finished college at 20 he moved to Indy in an apartment that wouldn't allow dogs. He knew he couldn't bring him with him so he asked his mom if he could find a new home for him and she said no. So in the back yard is where he stayed.

When Adam and I met I had heard about Luke and I always thought it was funny because at the time we had a Yellow Lab named Lucie that my sister and I named her that because my dad had always said he wanted a male dog and to name him Luke. Since we got a female Stace and I named her Lucie since it was close. Another twist of fate was that Adam had boughten his ex girlfriend a dog and she named it Lucy! Weird.

But anyways as Adam and my relationship progressed we sort of 'forgot' about Luke and he talked about always wanting a German Shepherd and I said that after we bought a house and got married we could do that. So 2 months after we got married I put a BIG down payment on Miss Sadie. 1 Month later my beloved Lucie was laid to rest due to her deteriorating health. 6 weeks after that I decided I wanted another Lab and we got miss Kacie.      Then Sadie joined the mix that December a measly 6 weeks later.

That Christmas Adam and I were down in Vincennes visiting his parents and we kept hearing Luke bark. It was breaking my heart that he was out in the cold and was for the most part neglected. His parents fed him and stuff but they didn't really spend any time with him because they had Izzie who occupied all of their time.

On our way home Adam and I talked and I told him that I wanted to bring Luke home. He agreed that it would be best. So we called his mom and set up that the following time we were to go down we would bring him home with us. Well as fate would have it the next day I got laid off my job and Adam and I became nervous about trying to add another mouth to feed so we put the addition on hold.

Well last January (a year later than originally planned) we finally felt financially stable enough to bring him home. We were in Vincennes for one of Adam's friends wedding and we just almost on the spot decided to bring him home.
Car Ride Home
So sweet sleeping on the 3 hr ride home

So this year has been a challenging one for us. While he has been a great addition to the family its been an adjustement. First off all he had whip worms which caused him to have diarrhea until it was resolved. But once we got rid of that we were almost in the clear. 

We have had our challenges. Including him darting out the front door without a collar on in which I figured out that he didn't like to be held by the scruff of his neck because he about bit my hand off and nipped at my face and arms. ( looked like i'd been to war). And him teaching the girls to eat poop...GROSS

But most off all he challenges me daily. I've had to learn patience and understanding.  With his hearing and eye sight almost gone he barks at everything and I swear Sadie just barks at times to just get a rise out of him. He is constantly moving and every time you get up or adjust your position on the couch he is up and trots around for 10 minutes  doing circles around  him before laying down once again. He often overstimulates me. 

But overall he has been a pleasure to have around. He really is sweet and always wants to be pet and loved on. Just don't sneek up on him due to his blindness and let him come to you if he doesn't know your scent. (he will snap!) Most of all I worry about him daily. His hips are going out and it's harder for him to get up and down the stairs(he stumbles a lot) and his hips go out from under him 2-3x a week. Plus he got this nasty infection on his back last week. But it's almost gone now. 
Icky Infection
So overall Luke you've been a challenge to me and tried my patience daily. But you've been sweet and loving and I'm truly glad we brought you home. I hope more than anything we've made these last few years of your life enjoyable and bright. Welcome to the family love!

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  1. Poor guy, at least he has you to watch over him and keep him comfortable during his senior moments :)