Friday, August 6, 2010

It's been a heck of a Rough couple of weeks

Ok so I realize that I haven't posted anything in about 2 weeks. It has been CRAZY busy. It's of course the end of the semester and you know how teachers LOVE to wait until the last minute to pile everything on. Well of course that has been the case for me as well.
First of all the prayers that I asked for two weeks ago were amazing. I did excellent on the test that I needed to and brought my grade from below passing to an A-! whoo hooo. Of course we had two exams on the same day and the other exam grade suffered but ultimately did nothing to move my overall score so I'm ok with it!
This week was the same situation, the same two classes had exams on the same days! BLAH! and the same results ended up for the most part. I did well on the one I needed to and did poorly on the other one. Thank goodness for those curves because once again the poor grade did nothing to my overall score! I mean what do they expect when they have exams for the two most difficult classes on the same day? Something has to give!
Well on top of the 2 exams we also had a Kaplan exam which is part of this program that prepares you for the NCLEX. We also had 3 quizzes and 4 homework assignments (see what I mean about piling the stuff on? I mean honestly do they think we don't need sleep????)
Oh well I made it through! And I'm so relieved that next week is finals week and I will be done with this hellish semester. I know that nursing school is hard but from here out its pretty much just clinicals and I can focus on one class only for 6 weeks instead of trying to balance 4 at once! So the work load won't go down necessarily but my brain will be at ease from not having to balance it all!

We've also had some shake ups among our household. First of all last weekend Adam and I watched the little girl of a friend of mine. My friend had to work the weekend as well as her husband so Adam and I watched her for them (I do say Adam and I because he was a huge help while I studied!). It was fun having a baby around and I can't wait until the day where the baby is ours. (although I'm SO GLAD we are waiting while I'm in school! I can't imagine trying to do school, work AND a baby! plus I would probably miscarry from all the stress.) But either way it was fun having claire! We went to my cousin's memorial golf outing and then up to my grandpa's 75th birthday bash. It was so much fun having her and toting her around with us, everyone just loved her and how friendly she was, all my aunt/uncles/cousin got their baby fix.  I will have to post pictures later.

The other major shake up in our house was we added another roomate! A friend of mine was moving to Indy for a job and needed a place to stay. Adam and I decided to offer up our house. We both feel very fortunate to have our house and since it's not being used to it's full capacity we thought we should offer it to someone who needed it. I love being able to help out friends and family in their times of need, even more so now because honestly I feel like a bad friend as of lately so any little way I can help makes me feel better about the goings on in my life.
So she moved in between monday and tuesday. The only down side is that she has a precious cat Mya. Mya really is a precious little cat but the problem lies in that we have 3 dogs! Sadie believes that everything with 4 legs is a play toy so she has been quite intrigued. Also Luke even though he is blind as a bat can somehow make out her scent and her blob and just stares at her. Kacie was intrigued for a few hours but gave up soon after. My poor friend is having quite an adjustment going from a cat to 3 dogs. I just keep telling her wait till my mom and sister's dogs are over!!!!
Ok so thats the gist of whats been going on in our lives lately! Finals are next week and I cannot wait for my week off. I have a lot planned including painting the bathroom, living room and visiting some friends I've neglected over the last few months. Thanks again for all of your support it means everything to me. Miss you!

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