Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm In Heaven!!! :)

So yesterday was my first OB clinical. I have to start out by saying, that ever since I started this program this is what I've been most looking forward to. Next incase any one doesn't already know this, I LOVE BABIES and children. All I've EVER wanted to be was a mom. The fact that I'm now 25 and have no kids, its a something I struggle with daily. As a girlfriend of mine and I were saying, it's hard to let go of our fairytale. Especially since up until the point that I decided to go back to school my life had been everything I'd ever wanted it to be. But in the long run I know that this little 2.5 year hiatus is the best decision for my family.
SO anyways! My clinicals are at St. Vincent Women's hospital and I'm so happy that they are there. This was the hospital I most wanted them to be at because I hope to some day work there. I've given it much thought and I think I'm going to stay on my med/surg floor for a couple of years then go back to school(YES AGAIN) for my mid-wifery degree and try to get a job at Women's as a labor and delivery nurse. SO thats my new fairy tale, and hopefully a long the way there were be a couple little Adam's running around.
Yesterday was mostly orientation, going of the syllabus, what was expected of us, our care plans...blah blah blah. But then around 6 pm we got to the fun part! there were only 4 pts that were delivering or had just delivered. I got a pt. that had just delivered not more than 10 min prior. So I was put with her nurse to mostly just observe. I watched them sowe mommy back up, hand baby girl to mommy for the first time, and I got to witness mommy and daddy picking a name for their beautiful daughter(they didn't know what they were having), I watched the nurses help mom breastfeed for the first time, and watch the nurse give baby girl her very first bath. All I can say is it was amazing! I LOVED EVERY SECOND! this truly would be my dream job! (I don't think I've ever used those two words in the same sentence, dream and job?...nope those two words were never in my vocabulary together thats for sure!!)
My next clinical is today and I'm so excited! We are in the Labor and Delivery unit so HOPEFULLY I'll get to see a live birth, whether that be a c-section(don't even get me started on that monstrosity) or what I what I would prefer, a vaginal delivery! OOOOOhhhh I'm sooo excited :) Have a wonderful day!!! :)

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