Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amazing Day!

I had an amazing day! I seriously had an amazing day. When I arrived at clinicals my instructor informed us that there was a lady who was ready to have twins via c-section. I immediately got super excited but there was 3 of us that still needed to see a birth so we drew numbers and I chose the right number so I got to be the one who gets to witness this miraculous bit of life!!!
The mom was term but one of the babies had an anomaly that needed to be taken care of by the NICU. So the baby who needed the NICU came out first and then 3 minutes later came baby B.  I was able to perform baby care on the newborn baby B who was not in the NICU. I was able to give the baby their vit. K shot and measure the head circumference, make the footprints and apply the medicine to their eyes. It was such a neat experience! I loved every minute of it. Baby A is doing well and in the NICU and is going to have surgery tomorrow to fix the anomaly. Please pray that everything goes well. It should the DR said this was a case that had a very good outcome, but any extra prayers are always welcome!
Some thoughts on today are; Why ANY women would EVER elect to have a C-section is beyond me!!!! like seriously you have to be high! That's insane. As amazing as an experience that was, I could NEVER willfully put my body through that. I've seen a gallbladder removed and that was no where NEAR as bloody and gruesome as this C-section. Now I know for some people, like my lady today it just wasn't an option not to have it, but that is what a C-section was created for. But really we don't have to even remotely go into my whole view on this because I will probably make someone angry. But all in all it was an amazing experience today! I love babies and I LOVE maternity nursing! So freaking cool!!! :)

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