Saturday, August 14, 2010

In case anyone else is counting

FINALS WEEK IS OVER!!! WHOOO HOO! I have to say I'm quite pleased to announce that I have officially passed my first semester of nursing school! WOW!!! and incase anyone else was counting other than myself...that's 14 semesters of college down and 3 to go! Why didn't I stick with becoming a pediatrician the first time around? Oh right because I didn't want to go to school that long...boy was I dumb!
Well either way the first semester is done, and hopefully it will get much better from here on out with only having to balance one class at a time instead of 4 at once! Classes start again on the 23rd with Maternity and I can't wait for this! I think/hope this will go really well considering I'm thinking of becoming a certified midwife. 
Well it sure is a relief to have the first semester done! Now it's just work for 3 days then I can relax for 7!!!!

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