Monday, May 1, 2017

Landon is 3!

Oh my sweet baby boy!!! Landon Richard Kalvin how are you 3 (well 3 1/2 now that I'm finally getting around to writing this)! Though it feels like we've had you around forever, it's hard to believe that you're 3! I swear just yesterday you were my little nugget who had these huge thighs and this big wide open grin that melted my heart.

I just adore you. Your zest for life is unmatched. Your sweet, kind, and all boy. You're  definitely mama's boy and I could not love you more. You have a love that is unmatched and your smile, quirkiness and zeal are infectious.

You have slowly blossomed into your role of BIG brother and you have a love for your siblings that isn't always super expressive but you are only 3. You adore your brother and are always up for playing trains, trucks or other construction equipment with him.

You're starting to like your sister more and more and you do a great job of looking out for her and ensuring she's safe. When it's just the two of you, you two are so fun to watch as your relationship and love for each other grows.

You have really grown into a beautiful little toddler. You're smart and you love to learn, even though your attention span is not very long. You always want to help me with cooking or baking but mainly to lick the beaters!

You have become quite the little prayer warrior. Your ability to recite our daily prayers is precious and you always make sure we pray before meals and we say our nightly prayer to Laynie. You always want to make sure we don't forget about her and I love how you want to talk about her often. I love knowing that your dad and I are raising you to never forget her and appreciate all your siblings both here and in heaven!

This coming year you are going to start preschool and my heart hurts a little to lose some time with you but I know you will do great.

You have grown quite a bit too

  • You grew 3.75 inches and are in the 80th% for height
  • You gained 6 lbs and are still in the 50th% for weight

Your dad and I just love you so much Landoman and we love getting to be the ones you call mom and Dad. You're a blessing and we are so fortunate to have you as our son.

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