Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lando's 3 Months

Once again I have failed miserably at keeping updated on my littlest's monthly updates, at least this month I have somewhat of an excuse. On the day Landon turned 3 months old we headed off to Mexico and then I've been trying to adjust to being a working mom once again. What am I going to be like when we have 4 kids...I'm never going  to be able to keep up.

Well Landon's 3rd month of life was a fun one. He experienced his first Christmas, New Years and his first illness. I also went back to work unfortunately which has made my life so much more complicated.

He has grown so much and changed so much in such a short period of time. He has become easier to handle, yet harder at the same time. He has really blossomed into a little person that captures the hearts of everyone he meets. I am constantly being stopped by strangers who just want to gawk at him. I can't say I mind it. Children are such a blessing and if he can bring a bright spot to someone's day so be it!

Here are a few of his developments this month (i'm trying to keep them to before he turned 3 months)

  • Unlike his older brother this kid is a pacifier kid through and through. He loves it, will suck on it whenever and wherever. Sometimes its just what he wants, I've tried to nurse him when he's fussy and sometimes it works, but other times all he wants is that pacifier...this is such a change from Lincoln, I don't know how to break him of this
  • He fights going into his carseat most times, but we are able to rock him and give him his paci and he usually settles down a bit. 
    • he loves to be in motion when in his carseat, so the bumpier the road the better, but heaven forbid you are at a stop light and not moving...cause he will SCREAM!
    • I need to get out some toys to hang from the carseat to see if this will help
  • He will occasionally get super pissed when you try to put clothes other his head, and honestly its been so cold that I pretty much just keep him in sleepers and rarely put him in anything else.
    • he is still in 3 month clothes, but those are getting tighter.
      • for our trip to Mexico I bough 6 month clothes...this breaks my heart that he's not little anymore
  • He LOVES this play mat that my sister got him for Christmas, it has a piano at the feet and He will lay there for about 30 minutes or so without fussing most days...which allows me to get some stuff done around the house. 
    • he has started to bat at the toys and even grab some of them...I've even caught him trying to bring them to his mouth when he is adorable. 
  • We brought out the jumperoo because we are remodeling our basement and we put him in it. He has great head control and can sit in it but his feet still don't touch the ground
  • He is indifferent about the bumbo. He will sit in it but not for long periods of time. 
  • He is the smiliest kid ever. I thought Lincoln was a happy baby, but man Landon is happier if that's possible. I swear almost every time I look at him he will smile at me. and we are talking this huge big mouth open kind of smile.
  • He is almost laughing. He has been giggling since almost 6 weeks, and it's starting to get to be a belly laugh. I swear there is nothing sweeter than a baby laugh.
    • He squeals in delight all the time...makes me so happy 
  • HE is super strong and holds his head up like a champ. 
    • He almost sits on my hip, I still have to support him a lot with it but he does pretty good. 
  • He is NOT a fan of tummy time, and I'm not good at making him do it, but I'm trying to be better. He isn't all that great at pushing himself up when on his tummy
  • He is almost ready to stand...I'm betting in a few days he will be there
  • HE is a CHATTERBOX! Holy smokes, He is LOUD, and will let you know he is there! When he's playing he is just blabbing away
  • He is almost blowing raspberries. He is constantly pushing saliva out of his mouth and blowing...kinda gross but cute at the same time.
  • He loves me! He will follow me throughout a room and sometimes when he is upset in someones arms all I have to do is talk to him and he will calm down. 
    • Adam thinks he doesn't like him because he is fussier than he is with me, but I think thats because he hasn't had to spend as much time with just him. Adam plays more with Lincoln and I care for the baby so he is just more used to me than Adam...comes with a territory. 
  • He is still sleeping in the Rock N Play in our room, in fact I found a suitcase that if I break it down I can fit it in to take on vacation :)
    • I'm more afraid of SIDS this time and for some reason feel safer with him next to my bed
I had to take his 3 month pictures a day early. We left on his 3 month "birthday" at 3:30 in the morning for Mexico and I wasn't about to try and tackle these pictures before we left. I had bought this snowman prop over Christmas to avoid my fiasco of trying to find a january prop for Lincoln...turned out pretty cute I think. 

I have to pinch myself daily for the abundant blessings God has bestowed on me in being Lincoln and Landon's mom. Through the screaming fits and the laughter I feel so truly blessed.  I feel like this is a dream that I'm going to wake up from someday soon. (I sure hope I don't). 

PS I think Landon's going to have a hint of red hair....what do you think?

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  1. awww he's getting so big!!!! Mila is starting to break herself from the pacifier, which im glad, yet sad about. It will make it easier on me in the long run, but then I no longer have it to turn to either. We still have Mila in our room too! I like her next to me and it makes it easier for night time feedings as well! Glad you all had fun in Mexico! Jealous!!