Monday, November 18, 2013

Lando's ONE month

To go along with Lincoln's 2 year post, I feel like I should also finally update Landon's first month of life. Being that he's 5.5 weeks old I'm getting bad at updating this stuff...I NEED to do better!

It's hard to believe it's already been a month since Landon was born. It feels like longer and just yesterday all at the same time. I can't imagine my life without this little guy, yet I can't believe it's been so long since he's been born. I hate how fast they grow and how much they change in such a short period of time. In a lot of ways I wish they could stay so small for just a little longer, but I know how much fun they get as they age so its sort of a toss up.

When I look at Landon I'm overcome with emotion. When I had Lincoln it took me a while to feel the overwhelming love that almost consumes you, but with Landon it happened much quicker. This boy is such a blessing. I can't believe God has blessed us with two healthy beautiful boys. How did I get so lucky? Truly? 

Landon has changed a lot, not just physically over the last month. He is starting to develop a little personality and I'm starting to figure him out a little. He has lost all of his hair on the top of his head so he has a skullett (he looks like an old man) and I swear he is growing like a weed! 

He's a fairly particular child, meaning that he only really likes to be held and held a certain way. I can't really do too much around the house unless I'm wearing him with my moby wrap. Also when he is held he likes to be upright. He is not so much about the laying sideways. (thank goodness we have a rock n play of our own this time). The major difference I notice between Lincoln and Landon is that Landon is by far an easier baby. He is no where near as fussy as Lincoln, he sleeps better and he nurses a lot better! We've also noticed how much stronger he is than Lincoln. Almost from birth he has been able to hold his head up for a little. He can't do it super long but he does it a lot and is no where as floppy as Lincoln was with his head control. He also doesn't startle as easily as Lincoln did. Lincoln is what my friend said to be as hyper toned, Landon is not. 

I just love my little so much and am so blessed to have him here and healthy. I hold him as much as I can (which due to his not wanting to be put down is really a lot). In fact I usually wait until Adam is home and then I have him hold him before I am able to really do much around the house with cleaning

Here are a few things about Landon this month 
  • He sleeps about 6 hours stretch at night, and the last few days he's slept almost 8
    • Other than around weeks 3-4 when he was waking almost every 2 hours to eat, he's been a sleeper since birth. In fact in the first week I was having to wake him up after 6/7 hrs of him sleeping just because I was hurting. 
  • He still sleeps a majority of the day but he has a wake time thats in the morning for about an hr or so and in the evenings. 
    • during these wake times is when he will coo at me and man did I miss that sound
  • He goes to bed around 10-12 and then will sleep until about 5/6 and then nurse and go back to sleep until about 9
  • He has been in his cloth diapers since he was about 3 weeks old. 
  • He was 2 weeks old when he first smiled at me when I was talking to him
  • He will track your face, or a light 
  • He loves Lights. He follows them and studies them all the time
  • As I said earlier he loves to be held. He does not like to be put down really at all. 
    • He will lay on his activity mat for about 5 minutes before screaming bloody murder
  • He is a very warm child and sweats A LOT!
    • he sweats the most after crying, and I mean its like beads of sweat coming off his head! Weird child
  • On the rare times we do tummy time he holds his head up pretty well. about a 25/30 degree angle.
    • but he holds his head up really well when held upright
  • He has to be constantly moving. He has to be bounced, or patted almost all the time.
  • He is a very grunt child. He is constantly making noise of some sort
  • He gets a little gassy in the evenings and therefore a little more fussy but he is at least consolable. 
At his doctor appointment last week here are his stats
  • He is 22.5 inches long
  • He is in the 75% for height
  • He is 11 lbs and 6 oz
  • He is in the 90% for weight 
Well in keeping with tradition I of course had to do our month photos. These were much easier than when I did Lincoln's. SO for your viewing pleasure here they are :)

Lincoln had to join

my pumpkin was a little big

grunting...per the usual

this one reminds me so much of Lincoln

What a blessed month it has been. I can't wait to see what this next month brings us, with his baptism, and first major holiday (other than Halloween I suppose)
Love you Lando more than anything

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