Monday, July 30, 2012

9 months

Our sweet baby boy is 9 month old. How is that possible? where did the time go? I swear it feels like just yesterday that we were going to the hospital.

Even though I'm struggling to wrap my head around how I have a 9 month old, it's even harder to understand where the last month went. We have been so busy I honestly don't know where or what we've done over the last month. I do know that Lincoln seems to grow daily. He is discovering new things everyday and at the same time developing some sort of schedule.

This month:

  • he is crawling EVERYWHERE. He no longer sits still at all. the minute you put him down he's gone!
  • He pulls up on EVERYTHING. His favorite is mommy, I'm his personal jungle gym. 
  • When he pulls up on things he takes a few step...he will be walking before I know it. 
  • He sleeps anywhere from 11-14 hours a night. He goes down around 8 and then when I am home he sleeps until around 7 and then I feed him and he goes back to sleep until around 9 or 10. But when I work he for some reason wakes up around 6:30 and then I feed him when I get home around 8 and then he will only sometimes sleep for a few more hours. 
  • He will typically nap twice a day for anywhere from 1-3 hours. 
  • He only eats solid foods 1 time a day but the doctor told me I need to be working upto 3 solid meals a day...this makes me sad because I like to breast feed him so much!
    • I'm going to take this slowly and start out with only 2 meals a day. 
  • he is always laughing and giggling all the time!
  • He loves to shake his head no...hilaarious!
  • I swear his first word was mamamamamama :) not that he knows what it means. 
  • everything goes in his mouth! 
  • He enjoys his jumperoo still but not for as long
  • He loves it outside
  • He loves the pool
  • He loves bath time and taking showers with mama. When I have to shower, I just put him in the tub with me and he LOVES it. His favorite time of day is bath time! 
  • He got 2 teeth!!!! 
  • he's bit me a few times and when I say ouch, i think it hurts his feeling because he cries uncontrollably. 
  • He loves all food. there is rarely something he doesn't love 
  • He is also so big that we jumped from 9 month clothing to 18 month clothing. the few 12 month outfits I had were still tight on him so I went all out and got 18 month stuff!

At his doctor appointment.
  • He was 29 1/2 inches long 
  • He's in the 77th percentile in height
  • He was 20 lbs 9 oz. 
  • He was in the 55th percentile in weight
The doctor still says he is on track to be between 6'2" and 6'6". WOW. The doctor also said that while he isn't in the 90th or above that doesn't mean that he will be small. He will more than likely at some point just grow a bunch. 

He truly is an amazing little boy and brings so much joy to everyone around him. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. 

Now the photoshoot was a HUGE challenge. He wants to play all the time and he thought sitting in one spot was a game and would try to climb all over me and so I would "push" him down and he would immediately try to get back up. I had to have my mom and Nikki (who was visiting) help me out...

mommy and daddy love you little man!!! 

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