Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Months Old

Last week my sweet angel baby turned 5 months old! Time is just flying and I fall more and more in love with little man every day if that is at all possible.

This last month has been the best ever. He is so much fun!! He wakes up every morning with a huge smile on his face and laughs and just melts my heart each day. I truly feel fortunate that I am able to be there everyday when he wakes up since I'm usually coming home from work about the time that he will wake up. It's the best part of my day.

He is at such a fun stage right now, really interacting with us and becoming more and more social. The best part is how smiley he is. If someone would have told me I would have such a happy baby after he was first born I would have told them they were crazy! I'm so glad we are past the colic!!! Having him be such a happy baby now, makes all those stressed out, worrisome evenings worth it.

Here are the highlights from the last month:

  • He smiles CONSTANTLY! you look at him, say his name, say hi, or just make faces at him he will smile his big toothless grin. It's just precious!
  • He also is still a very laughy baby. he laughs at you for no reason sometimes too!
  • He loves to stand. He always looks so proud of himself when he does it too! (obviously it's with help from us!) He almost prefers to stand than anything else!
  • He's rolled over a few times, though he's really not too interested in it. He likes being on his side. He will roll to his side and just lay there. Several times I've gone to check on him and hes just sleeping on his side!
  • He now is able to be placed on your hip and pretty much is content just staying there!
  • He LOVES the outside. We've been blessed with several 70+ degree days in February/March (who would have thought) and he just loves it out there! I've taken him on several walks and he is so content!!!
  • He LOVES his jumperoo. He gets all excited and it's so fun to watch his little feet move so that he can just jump away. 
  • He is still singing. Its music to my ears!
  • He's still not a huge fan of tummy time, and I know I need to get better at it, so he's not so good on his tummy. He doesn't really hold himself up yet with his arms while on his belly, but maybe with some practice he will be able to. I just have a hard time putting him on his tummy when I know it makes him so mad! 
  • He reaches for things when you put them in front of him. 
  • He doesn't really like his pacifier unless he is super tired. but he will reach for it and put it in his mouth. Although its usually just to chew on it. 
  • When given a toy of some sort he will immediately bring it to his mouth
  • He sometimes will mimic or try to mimic you. 
  • Hes liking bath time more and more, and will kick his legs when in the water
  • He will sleep about 12 hours a night, sometimes waking up once bc he  needs his pacifier or to just be held for a moment
  • He had his first trip to the doctor other than a well visit or for vaccines. He had an infection in his eyes that we had to treat with eye drops...let me tell you how much fun that was...and he had this weird rash on his head, looked almost like ringworm, but turns out it was like eczema that we put a cream on a couple times a day and now its gone!
  • He is also VERY congested! We have to use the saline and sucker thing several times a day to get all his snot out! We've actually gone back to him sleeping in the rock n play because he can sleep at a 45˚ angle which allows for better sleeping and less congestion in the morning!
  • He is now feeding about every 4 hours, sometimes it's still 2.5-3 but I think thats more based on how much milk I have. My supply can really vary, and I think that it can affect how much he is able to get during a feeding. 
  • He now only eats once though after I leave for work and bed time! which is really nice!
  • He has started to put himself to bed around 8-9 instead of 11, I'm sure my mom and dad are pleased with this!!!
  • He is starting to outgrow his 6 month clothes! Looks like mom is going to have to go shopping soon!!! (its the only kind of shopping I enjoy!)
Lincoln is such a blessing to us. He has shown Adam and I what unconditional love truly is. Best of all he has taught Adam patience. We both feel so very blessed to be his parents. Sometimes it brings me to tears when I think of how God has chosen us to be his parents, like how did we get so lucky?
    Yesterday I took him to the doctor for another one of his shots the PVC, I have chosen to split up the vaccines because like i've said before, while I think it's imperative that children are vaccinated, I just think that they are given too many at once. He did really well with this vaccine although I did give him a little tylenol before and twice afterwards. His fever only got up to 99.8 this time and he seemed to handle that a lot better!

    I was also able to get his 5 month photo shoot in. Now this was a challenge this month because I worked both the day before and after his 5 month "birthday" and Adam was out of town so he was staying at my mom's house. But no worries crazy mama was in full swing and I got him up at my mom's, fed him, and then drove back to my house to get the pictures, then drove back to mom's house put him down for a nap, and then went to lay down myself. 

    I don't know why I am so neurotic about this pictures, but I want them to all be in the same places so we can truly get a good Idea of how much he changes each month. I get made fun of a lot for this but I honestly don't care! I think years down the road I will be happy I did it!

    So here are those precious photos!

    I love this little man so much!!! Happy 5 months baby!!

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    1. Awww I just love these posts, Steph! He is growing so much and I'm right with ya about them being so happy now. I wish I could've seen that coming when Evie was so terrible in the beginning. It makes it all worth it, doesn't it? One thing my original pedi said about tummy time for us was to only leave her on her tummy until she gets mad. She said there is no point in letting her lay there screaming. It worked great for us and before long Evie LOVED being on her tummy. Sometimes in the beginning it would only be a minute or 2 before she would get upset. But I would just pick her up or roll her over to her back once she was mad. Maybe try that and see if he starts to like tummy time eventually. Play date soon?