Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So Lincoln will be 2 months old tomorrow...WOW! With being 2 months old comes another well baby visit and his vaccines.

Obviously if you haven't been living under a rock for the last 10ish years you know there has been a lot of discussion about childhood vaccines. Now I for one don't entirely believe that there is a link to autism or anything like that, but it sort of makes you wonder.

However I do think they are extremely and sometimes unnecessarily aggressive with childhood vaccines. I do believe in children being vaccinated, because they were created and have done a lot of good for people. But I don't necessarily think that a 2 month old baby needs 6 vaccines all at once. SERIOUSLY!

I've talked with several people about this, and I seem to be in agreement with only a small few. Many of my friends had their children vaccinated according to what their pediatrician recommends. Maybe I'm weird but just because I like and trust Lincoln's doctor doesn't mean his always 100% correct. They are CONSTANTLY changing the guidelines for everything including vaccines, so whats wrong with questioning them? Nothing in my opinion. I feel like as a mother I have to be an advocate for my son, and for me part of that is being knowledgable on everything that goes into his body and really doing my research. Medicine isn't an exact science and this is why protocols and things are changed a lot.

While I think it's important to have Lincoln vaccinated, I do believe I want him to be vaccinated on an alternative schedule, which means he would only get 2 vaccines each month instead of 6 every 2 months! Granted with this I would have to pay additional co-pays and have more doctor visits but I think thats a small price to pay for me to be more comfortable with what goes on.

My real thing with the vaccines is that I truly think that the amount of vaccines they get at 2 months is a lot and I don't want to overload his immune system. He is so small and slowly growing and maturing that letting him build up the antibodies to 2 vaccines at a time seems like a better idea than having his body do it for 6 at a time.

Also surprisingly enough I'm not a huge fan of medicine (odd since I'm a nurse) but I don't like a lot of medicine being pumped into me, or my child...hence the natural childbirth. And again while the vaccines are a necessary part of our culture and society I don't think they need to be done so aggressively.

Hopefully Lincoln's doctor will be ok with all of this since I haven't been able to talk to him about any of it just yet. But I'm honestly a little nervous about it. I'm not someone who just does what they are told because some higher power says so. I question things and I tend to believe in things that aren't common or the high majority today. So we will see...hopefully all will go well!

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