Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stomach Flu...I HATE YOU!

It's official. I've had my first ever stomach flu. And all I can say is that I'm not a all! It is true I went a whole 25 years without getting this lovely bug, and I'd sure as heck like to go another 25 without ever having it again. By far my least favorite bug.

It all started on Sunday while working. I had my lunch and about 30 minutes later my stomach started to turn. I tried to breath through it but I ended up in the bathroom with diarrhea 10 minutes later. I had that lovely stuff about 4 times in 30 minutes. Of course this was during the busy part of the afternoon at work and about every 5 minutes I had to sit down because I was getting dizzy and felt as though I could throw up. Well needless to say about 45 minutes later I had vomited EVERYWHERE in the bathroom. I don't remember the last time I threw up (non alcohol related). I immediately had to go home. I packed up my stuff and barely made it the 25 minute drive home before I ended up with more diarrhea AND vomit. This seesaw went on for about 4 hours. I was miserable.

The worst part of all of this was that I was home alone. Anyone who knows me, knows that when I'm sick I really should have someone home with me because if I'm running a fever, there is no telling what my body will do. Most of the time I pass out with little or no warning. I had major anxiety because I was in fact feeling dizzy and whoozy while running the short 20 feet from my bed to the toilet. And not to mention with all the fluids I was losing it was only adding to the anxiety. To make matters worse there was no one who could be home to just "watch" me. My mom was in Chicago with her mom, Dad was with his mom, Nikk was in Bloomington with her boyfriend, Stace was at work and so was Adam. The part that caused me the most anxiety is that you just never know what my body will do. So I grabbed a towel off the shower door and covered my self up and tried to sleep on the bathroom floor to be cautious.

At about 8 I had had enough and called Adam at work, he luckily had been cut(he's a waiter) and I told him to pick me up 7up and something for my diarrhea and nausea(I finally had stopped vomiting). After 2 rounds of pepto I was able to just lay for a few hours and sleep.
Mom came over monday night and I had a few crackers and felt nauseous so I stuck with my ginger ale. And tried to stick to the lovely and wonderful BRAT diet.
Finally on Wednesday I had a yogurt and still didn't feel great so I backed off again for a while. Wednesday night I was feeling a little better so I tried chic-fil-a and actually felt pretty good, I felt queezy but nothing i couldn't manage.

All in all, I'm still not feeling great. I definately feel better than I had, but I'm not 100%. In fact a cookie I just had made me nauseous. This really is NO FUN! But through it all I have to say my love for my husband has definately grown. In our 5 years together he has never had to take care of me. I've had sinus infections and respiratory issues but he's never had to actually take care of me. Through this he was AMAZING! so sweet and attentive to everything I needed. He's a true gem! LOVE him so much
Hopefully since tomorrow is Christmas eve I will be able to enjoy some of my favorite foods such as Grandma's frozen fruit salad and Ice Box cookies, but I'm betting not :( Which sucks but at least I'm on the upswing and even better is that this didn't happen last week during finals or later in the week so I'd be sick on Christmas.

But Now that I've had this Stomach Flu, I'd rather not have it again! It can stay clear of this body cause it was NO FUN!

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  1. ahhh yes, the lovely stomach flu! I was so lucky as to have it while Dennis was home on his 2 week leave in Feb. That was a fun time!