Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And then there were 2

Well it's official I AM DONE with the semester!!! I finished last Wednesday with my two finals. The first final was early in the morning and went fairly well especially after the 12 point curve we got! YES! The second final was a take home and wasn't too bad. After all of that I just wanted to sleep so I went bed early and then Adam and I hosted my nursing school christmas party. We spent all of thursday cleaning the house and making appetizers. It was nice to have Adam off work because I honestly don't know how I would have been able to get everything done with out him. I have such an AMAZING husband! :)
The party was a success and it was nice to spend time with my amazing nursing school friends without the pressures of feeling like we had to study!! Then for me it was off to 3 days of work. No rest for this one! (hence part of the reason it's taken me so long to blog)

I have to say I am beyond thrilled that this semester is over. It has been the most challenging 4 months I've ever had to go through. As Adam says it has taught me suffering and humility. And I have to say Got the message LOUD AND CLEAR! It has been such a struggle to even pass these classes which had  NEVER been a problem for me before,  then on top of it having one of the worst clinical instructors ever didn't help. But I've made it through and I'm a stronger person because of it. I learned a lot about who I am as a person and what I am able to handle. While it wasn't easy and at times I thought I might fail out, I'm glad I went through it all because it has made me a stronger version of myself.

So now we are down to just 2 more semesters. Boy does that sound nice! Graduation is only about 8 months away and Adam and I are counting them down! We are excited for the next chapter of our lives and for me after 20 years in school I'm excited to move on and hopefully start that family I'm dying to have!! I know that one way or another Adam and I will be parents and we are so excited to start that journey.

Here's to only 2 more semesters!! Salude!

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