Monday, February 15, 2010

A little about Us...

Well as if you couldn't figure it out, I'm a little new to this whole idea. My cousin is an avid blogger and I thought it might be good therapy to start one. I also was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia, for more reasons than one, but this blog thing seems kind of cool. So here is a few things about us.

1. We have been married for nearly 2 years and together for almost 4! WOW!!!

2. I am a full time student studying to be a nurse (hence the name of the blog).

3. We are both devout Catholic's as of last April(Adam converted) and grow stronger in our faith daily.

4. We have 3 dogs as of a couple of weeks ago, and we always say we are overcompensating for not having children yet. Kacie was our first, a chocolate lab. Followed by Sadie, a German Shepherd, a mere 6 weeks later. And finally Luke, a 12 year old English Setter that Adam bought when he was 17 and his parents have been taking care of since his move from Vincennes. He joined this rambunctious group 2 weeks ago and it has been quite an adjustment.

5. I LOVE Purdue and it almost pains me to receive a degree from a school other than Purdue. It also irks me that Adam does not share my passion for Purdue (he is a fan of that dumb school down south) but he is slowly coming around!

6. We bought our first house about 2 years ago and it has been an adventure. I am a little interior design challenged and it's frustrating trying to do small things to the house on an even smaller budget. But I think I've finally at least picked colors I like. My kitchen is a sore subject and I hate it, I want to gut it and start over. I don't even have a silverware drawer if this gives you any indication of what I mean.

7. Adam and I LOVE to cook. If food weren't so fattening I'd do nothing but cook and eat. Cooking in the kitchen together and watching a movie is our idea of a perfect date. I'm not a big fan of eating out so it works for us!

8. Our families mean everything to us and it's hard to balance everything with his being so far away but we try to make it work. It's also hard to get to see them all as often as we'd like because of our busy schedules but someday soon it will all be better.

9. Children are our passion. We love them and can't wait to start a family of our own and as soon as Nursing school is over we'll get right on that little adventure. Until then we will just enjoy our many friends and family and their beautiful children for a short time while still getting to get a full nights sleep :)

10. I've chosen to start this blog because I figured it would be therapy through nursing school. So enjoy a little glimpse into our lives....

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