Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lorelai is SEVEN months old

Seven months, WOW I just can't believe it. Time seems to really be flying lately. at times its hard to believe we've had her home with us for only 4 months, and at other times it feels like she just came home yesterday. She's 4 months adjusted. 

Lorelai is amazing, in one simple word. She is just perfect in every possible way. At least for the time being I doubt there is every going to be something she does wrong. She is the strongest person I know and has such a fighting spirit and I feel grateful to know and love her.

This month has been the best yet. She has made such great strides and I'm so proud of her. Each month I see her strength come through and I truly feel just blessed to witness it.

So Here are her milestones this month

  • She continues to have the best possible smile ever, she will still only occasionally laugh, and its not a full on giggle regularly yet. She just laughs once or twice. I can't wait for her to actually giggle on a more regular basis.
    • in fact when you try to tickle her she makes the funniest face, like she's not quite sure if she likes it or not, and will almost look panicked and ask "mom what is that"
    • She has giggled but its only been for Lincoln or her baby friend Brielle
  • Her hands are constantly in her mouth. To the point where my mom is always asking if she is still hungry. But I know she isn't, she just wants something to chew on and most of the time it's her hands. 
  • She is my first child not to mind tummy time. While I wasn't the best at making her do that in the beginning, I'm slowly coming around to it and she does pretty well. Though she still will fall asleep on her mat. 
I put her on her mat to distract her and she fell asleep
Getting good at it! 
Big strong Girl 

  • We don't really use her swing anymore since it broke, though we will occassionally put her in it to nap. 
    • Since shes likes to sleep on her side, I'm not a huge fan of this idea. 

This was just so precious. Sleeping like her mama
she about rolled herself out of the swing. 
    • She slept in our room in the Rock N Play most of the month, but we have put her in her crib at night. It feels so weird not having her next to me but I just didn't like that she was turning to her side so much, I felt like she was going to suffocate. 
      • I do swaddle her at night and she does well! I try not to swaddle her for her naps, so she gets used to not being swaddled. 
      • She still takes several naps a day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and even sometimes one later. Nothing super scheduled but she definitely sleeps between each and every feed it feels like, occasionally she will stay awake between feeds but it's rare. 
    She even almost rolls in her Rock N Play
    our days are numbered in this. 
      First time napping in her crib. 9.15.15

  • She is starting to get better at reaching for things. She will reach for the toys on her Jumperoo and on her play mat. 
    • She hasn't quite loved the Jumperoo like her brothers, though I think it's because shes so tiny still. 
  • She is a standing queen. She truly enjoys just standing in front of you. 
  • I had to move her straps up on her carseat! She's really getting big. I do still have the infant inserts in however. 
One of my favorite outfits on her
--Thanks Susan!
  • Her brothers continue to love and adore her, but Lincoln especially. He is ALWAYS touching her and playing with her. He is like a little daddy, he plays with this doll I've named Nelly, and he even tries to wear Nelly. He is so warm and nurturing with her. Landon loves her too, but not nearly like Lincoln does. 

This just warms my heart
  • She doesn't love bath time. We usually shower with her, which she does much better with. But on the occassion we do give her a bath, she usually screams. She hates the water running from the faucet, its almost like she get scared. 
    • I attempted a few times to give her a bath with her brothers and I put her in the bumbo which she really tends to enjoy and she did better, though I think for the most part we will try to just keep to showering her. Plus the boys love baths either way, shower or bath. 
First Bath with her Brothers 9.14.15

  • The thing I was most excited for was this month she ROLLED OVER!!! from back to tummy!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?! yes!!! I think having a preemie made me super scared that she wouldn't hit milestones but she's AHEAD of her brothers!! By almost 2 months!!! She hasn't quite rolled from tummy to back yet, but I'm sure that's just around the corner.  

Right after she ROLLED OVER! 9.25.15
  • One of my favorite things this month was getting to show her off to Fr. John. Fr. John was the wonderful man who baptized both girls at 2 minutes of age. We called him from my room in High Risk when we were getting ready to deliver and he prayed over us before delivery and then baptized them. He is heading back to Nigeria to continue his ministry. He will be greatly missed. 

  • I've started to put her in her high chair as another place for her to hang out. She will occasionally be ok in it for longer than 10 minutes but gets pretty bored after a while.  

First time in the High Chair. 
  • Eating wise this little girl is doing awesome. Once we switched her meds around she has done so much better. She is starting to take more control of her feedings which is amazing!! I love not having to watch the clock so much!!
    • she takes 3 oz every 3ish hours!!!
    • She is also showing preference to me. She will often eat fine for others, until she hears me. Then she stops eating, but once I feed her she does great! (not going to lie, I sort of love that! )
  • She is still in 3 month clothing. 
  • Shes a talkative little squirt. She will sing, blow raspberries and just talk. It's so wonderful!

Here are a few other super cute pics of our little miss.

Getting good at tummy time. 
love my little nuggets

she apparently thought this was a good idea. 
thank you aunt nikki for my awesome outfit. 

Here are our 7 month pictures. I'm ashamed to admit that I almost forgot to take them! We had had the boys birthday party on this day and it totally spaced it until almost 8pm! But we got them done! :)

best smile ever (well next to her brothers)

one of my favorite pictures of her ever! It really captures her sweet happy personality. 

These are technically from last month, but we just got them this month. These were her 6 month pictures taken in Fishers. And I just had to share them.

Love those beautiful blue eyes!

Oh my sweet Lorelai. Life with you is just pure perfection. I love you more than words and you are constantly stealing my heart on a daily basis. I'd be lost without you!! Thank you for being my beautiful daughter!

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