Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lorelai is EIGHT months old

Oh my how is our sweet little thing 8 months (5 adjusted) old??? Seriously even though it feels like forever, it also feels like its going by so fast! I'm just struggling with it. I hate how fast time goes by. However at the same time, due to her still being so tiny, it feels like I have this eternal baby, which I love. I just adore babies, but I also adore her growing personality.

Lorelai is just beautiful, inside and out. Not only is sure purely gorgeous she is also just sweet and beautiful inside. Her soul just makes me so happy. She loves to be loved and I love that she allows me to love her.

This month has continued our upward swing of adjusting to 3 kids and she has brought so much joy to our lives and I'm forever grateful to her beautiful little being.

Here are some of her milestones.

  • She continues to be a beautiful soul with the most infectious smile. You can't help but swell with happiness when those big eyes look at you. 
    • She will see me from across the room and just light up! She gets all excited and smiles while throwing her body in pure joy. There is nothing better. 

perfect little baby

this was the boys birthday
you wouldn't know she was running a fever! 
  • This month I bought her a few baby toys. I either lost them or I've just placed them in a really good hiding place but I can't find all my infant toys. So I bought a few girly ones and she loves this ball I got her. She does a great job of grasping it and bringing it to her mouth! 
    • I just love seeing her hit these milestones. Makes my heart happy. 

that smile

Her new ball. 
  • She is still primarily sleeping in her crib. Though on occasion I will bring her to Rock N Play so I can keep a little bit of a closer eye on her. However due to the fact that she primarily sleeps on her stomach, she tries to do this in the RNP and it makes me so scared
    • She is still swaddled for the most part, and I got back to swaddling during nap time because she seemed to sleep better 
    • She sleeps 12-13 hours at night and I only occasionally "wake" her for a midnight dream feed. 
    • She takes two naps, typically a 1-2 hr nap in the morning about an hr or so after she wakes up and then a 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon. She will sometimes sleep more or less during the day, but nightime is a full 12 hrs at least. (LOVE HER FOR THIS!)

sweet baby

Stomach sleeper like mama and her brothers

Rolled all the way over!!! CRAZY girl
  • She is eating SO WELL this month! We have had very MINIMAL reflux almost none at all. She has pretty much taken control. She will start to fuss or get super talkative around 3 hrs and we know it's time to eat! :) SCORE!
    • I'm still exclusively pumping milk for her, and she I'm still able to keep up with her, she only had to take frozen one time, when I got sick and couldn't keep fluids down and wasn't able to sit upright long enough to pump plus being dehydrated meant I couldn't pump enough
  • She is strong enough for me to hold on my hip, however due to her tiny size this makes it a little difficult and awkward. But the girl does love to be held and loved on
  • She has really enjoyed her Jumperoo this month. I think it's because she is finally tall enough for it!! She just gets those feet moving and is all smiles and giggles
  • She is always happy unless shes tired. you know she is ready to sleep because she starts to fuss. then I know she needs her diaper changed and put to bed!  :)
  • This month her little feet are finally big enough for shoes so I've bought her a few. I got her her first pair of boots and Converse's 

  • During the month we went on our first field trip to the pumpkin patch with Lincoln's class and let me tell you how exhausting that was with 3 kids! WOAH! but she was a champ! (of course)

I simply adore this outfit! 

  • We went on another car ride to see my Grandma for her birthday and she of course did fabulously (as did her brothers). They were all wonderful as we celebrated my grandma! and I loved spending this time with her. 

Miss Personality

My grandma's 80th Birthday
  • This month was also our first infant loss awareness day. It was a hard day that was just extra pressure on missing her sister, but I don't want to forget Laynie or have people think we have forgotten so I enjoyed keeping her memory alive. 

Infant Loss Awareness day
We sure do miss her sister

1 year ago from this picture I found out we were expecting TWINS

  • She celebrated her FIRST Halloween which happens to be one of my favorite holidays. We did everything we could, we went to Zoo Boo, we went to the Childrens Museum. She was a Cow, which was the same costume the boys wore at 3 weeks old, I like to think that she enjoyed herself as much as the boys did. 

Haunted House at the Childrens Museum

I adore them!!

First Halloween


Here are our eight month pictures....

That smile and those feet! 

Lorelai I just adore you and your personality. You bring me joy daily and I'm lucky to be your mom. Thank you for being my daughter. 

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