Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Family pictures

If you know me, you know I love to take pictures. So much so that if I had any guts or talent I probably would have pursued a career in photography. There is something about being able to capture a moment in time, a memory that is so precious to me. I'm all about memories and pictures are a way to remember them that's probably why I love them so much.

So my photo shy husband has learned to tolerate my love of pictures. When we first got married I have to say I think he was about to kill me. But with time I think he's learned to accept this part of me, and roll with it. I love to see how much our little family has grown and these pictures will be something I cherish forever. 

That being said I've always loved getting our family picture. From when it was just Adam and I, to now with our children. However since Laynie passed away family pictures are incredible HARD for me. I never got that picture of the 6 of us alive, I never got to have all my babies together. Heck I barely got a picture of both girls together, and only one of them alive together hooked up to machines and being kept alive on life support. Now don't get me wrong I'm ever grateful for those pictures, but it's just hard.

But here is the evolution of our little family...

Engagement Pictures...April 2008
George Rogers Clark Memorial
Vincennes IN
Married!!! 6.7.08
Oak Hill Mansion
Carmel IN
When I got pregnant with Lincoln I wanted to document EVERYTHING! I didn't want to forget anything! From taking weekly bump pictures, to of course having professional maternity pictures done.

Lincoln Maternity.... September 2011
Carmel IN
After he was born I met the woman that would become our family photographer. Through a bizarre twist of fate the person I had lined up to take Lincoln's newborn pictures didn't work out for very good reasons. So I met Alicia. Alicia offers a first years package that includes maternity, newborn, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month photos. Since we didn't do maternity pictures with her, we were able to get 2 year pictures too with this package.
Lincoln's Newborn....October 2011
Our House
Unfortunately for Lincoln's 3 month pictures Alicia had a freak something go wrong with the memory card and all of his pictures were lost. So we quickly got new pictures taken, but by this time he was 4 months old instead of 3. She also gave us a free session that we later used as his 18 month pictures.
Lincoln's 4 Month Pictures... February 2012
Our House

Lincoln 6 Month... April 2012

Lincoln 9 month... July 2012
downtown Zionsville IN

Lincoln 12 month....October 2012
Coxhall Gardens
Due to weather and ear infections by our little guy, his 18 month pictures turned into 19 months, but all's well that ends well. I love being able to do these and see my growing baby bump. I was about 23 weeks here with Landon

Lincoln 19 Month...May 2013
Fort Harrison Park
I always swore I would do everything the same for each kid. While this has now grown to be quite the challenge I'm glad I've stuck with it. Though it creates a lot of stress on me at times, I'm glad I got the same package for Landon. They are priceless pictures that I wouldn't trade for anything

Landon Maternity...August 2013
Our House and Cool Creek Park

Landon Newborn...October 2013
Our House
Since the boys share a birthday, we did Landon's newborn pictures and Lincolns 2 year pictures just a week apart!! Crazy to see how much Landon changed in just that week.
Lincoln 2 years...October 2013
Stucky Farm

Landon 3 months...January 2014
Our House
Landon's 6 month pictures are truly some of my favorite. I just love the spring/summer and the colors were gorgeous as well as the boys were just so adorable.
Landon 6 Months...April 2014
Downtown Carmel
I also just adored these family pictures having the boys matching and stuff. They were just so precious
Landon 9 Months...July 2014
Covered Bridge/Forrest Park
Noblesville IN
When it came time do Landon's 12 month pictures, I don't know what happened to this little guy, but his personality changed into this fun spunky little thing that he is today. He is just a ham and so precious.
Lincoln 3 years, Landon 12 Months...October 2014
Butler University
I had found out I was pregnant about a week before we took these pictures. I wasn't scheduled for my ultrasound until two days later, But I thought since we were already doing pictures it would be fun to do a some pregnancy announcement pictures. I'm so glad we did since I never got to do maternity pictures with them.
Pregnancy announcement, for what turned out to be 2 more babies not just 1
Pregnancy Announcement All 6 of us
I cherish these pictures since they are the only ones of all 6 of us.
All 6 of us
When the girls were born so early I knew that a family picture would be hard to come by for quite a bit. But then when we had to make the choice to take Laynie off life support I'm so glad the nurses had the foresight to take pictures of Adam and I with her. We were also able to get a few pictures of the girls together alive. The nurse that had Laynie was amazing and bagged Laynie (gave her oxygen) while they transported her over to Lorelai's spot. They also took some pictures of the girls together after Laynie passed.
Adam and I with Laynie-- March 2015
Let me just tell you how amazing Alicia is. She offered to come take some pictures of Lorelai while she was still in the hospital. Lincoln was only allowed one visit to the NICU since he was under 4 years old. So I decided to have Alicia come on the day he got to come visit. I'm so glad she was there to capture this!

4 of us, Lorelai's Hospital pictures...April 2015
AHHHH at last our girl was home!!!

Finally 5 of the 6 of us. Lorelai's 3 Month ("Newborn") pictures...May 2015
Our House
Due to the hectic nature of our lives Landon's 18 month pictures turned into 20 months. But they were once again amazing pictures that I just adore.

Landon's 20 month pictures June 2015
Heritage Park
Fishers IN

Lorelai 6 Months ("3 month") Pictures--August 2015
Ritchey Woods
Fishers IN

Lincoln 4 yr and Landon 2 year pictures--October 2015
Butler University
Indianapolis IN

Lorelai 9 ("6 month") Month Pictures -- December 2015
Our Home/Stoney Creek
Fishers IN

Lorelai 12 month ("9 month") Pictures -- March 2016
Downtown Noblesville
Noblesville IN/Our Home

I know when people see these picture they see a beautiful family of 5. Two beautiful boys and we "finally got our girl" as most people tell me. And I agree. It's a great picture. But it's what they don't see that hurts me so much. I would give anything to have Laynie back, have her here, be able to hug her, hold, her and love her. And while that's not possible here on earth and it's something I will have to try and adjust to, we will always always always be a family of 6. 

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