Wednesday, May 21, 2014

7 Months Old...Really?

My sweet Little is 7 months old...and about a week. Ha :) Life has been really crazy lately with me having to work several 14 hr shifts for all this extra training and stuff at work, but whats life if it isn't a little crazy?

So Landon is 7 months this is possible I will never know. He has grown and learned so much!I love this stage when they seem to learn something new each day. I also love how happy they are! I mean I wish adults could be this uninhibitedly happy.

Every day is a new adventure with him and Lincoln. Their bond grows daily and its so much fun to sit back and watch it. I hope this bond continues well into adult hood and they always have each other's backs. It's such a beautiful thing!

Here are his milestones:

  • He is still sleeping like a champ...typically 12-14 hrs at night and takes a 45-60 min nap in the morning and 1-3 hr nap in the afternoon. AWESOME!
  • He's still exclusively breast fed. though he's showing signs of being ready for table food. 
    • Instead of spoon feeding and starting on that nasty crap...rice cereal...i'm reading baby lead weaning where you let the baby eat what they want instead of feeding them...we'll see how this goes
  • He has finally started sitting up. He doesn't do it for long, but a few seconds to a few minutes he does on his own. I can't wait for him to do it for longer periods of time. 
  • He is enjoying tummy time now, because he can roll and scoot to get things. He will play for a much longer time on the ground (especially with his brother) and roll to get to toys and things
  • He's started to try to get up on all 4s. He pushes up with his hands and then will try to bring his legs up underneath him. 
    • I don't think he's going to be crawling as soon as lincoln did, but I'm sure in the next month to 6 weeks he will be. 
  • He still loves his jumperoo. In fact so much that we broke down and bought one for my parents house because he loves it so much! 
  • My favorite thing this month has been how much more talkative he is. He just blabs all the time.  ba-ba-ba-ba. ahhhh, ga-ga-gag etc. Though he hasn't said mama yet, we're working on it. 
    • He just laughs when i try to get him to say quite cute
    • He is also a grunter. He grunts A LOT
  • He got his first tooth!!! his left lower tooth popped through. He's working on his second tooth too,  I'm sure it will come through soon
  • He has found his tongue and loves to stick it out. He is always sticking it out and moving it all around. So cute! 
  • Everything goes to his mouth. EVERYTHING! we have to start to be a little more careful about whats on the ground.
  • We have started putting him in his high chair, to play with toys as well as getting him used to sitting in the high chair
  • He loves to sit in the cart now, as opposed to being in his pumpkin seat
  • He reaches for everything, toys, things on the jumperoo and pretty much everything thats on the floor or within his reach. 
  • He likes bath time. We still primarily just bring him in the shower with one of us (adam or I) and quickly bathe him, but on nights that I'm home and they need baths, I give both boys a bath at the same time and he seems to enjoy bath time with his brother. Since he's not sitting up well yet, we use the slanted thing that came with his infant tub. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't tried to roll off it yet. 
  • He continues to be so happy. Most of the time people comment that they didn't even know he was there...the perfect addition to this crazy little family
  • He's continuing to grow like crazy, he's still in 9 month clothing, but some things are starting to get a little small...maybe i need to start to think about breaking out the 12-18 month clothes...really????
heres some adorable pictures of my little!

the tongue!

we were getting tired

that tongue again

Being a mom of two healthy and adorable boys is the greatest thing I've ever done in my life and I just love them more than I could ever express. Landon is just a joy and the perfect addition to our growing family. He makes  me want to have 10 more kids just like him (we will have more babies, just not for a few years)

Happy 7 month love bug! Mommy, Daddy and big brother Lincoln love you so very much!!

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