Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Landon's 6 Months

As I sit here and write this I can't believe that my little is almost 7 months old. I also could kick myself that it's taken me so long to get things down "on paper". I just hate that!!! But once again I'm late to this little party!

I just can't believe that my little is already 6 months old. He is growing so much, and gaining such a personality. This has to be my favorite age! He is so easy, chill and laid back, and we are constantly complimented on how good of a baby he is. He rarely cries, only when he's hungry, tired or dirty. I often say that everyone deserves a baby like him, because he's just a dream!

I swear everyday he just melts my heart the way he looks at me and smiles. It's like you can see the love he has for me in his eyes. There truly is nothing better.

Here are his stats for the month:

  • He's an EXCELLENT sleeper. He will go down between 8:30-9:30 and sleep until about 9 the next day. Sometimes he wakes for a early morning feeding around 6 but sometimes he doesn't. When I work if he wakes up around that 6 am time, they feed him 2-3 oz and he falls back asleep until I get home to feed him around 8:30-9. 
    • If he wakes up before 9 he will take a 45 min-1 hr nap in the morning. If he wakes up later than that then he usually skips a morning nap. 
    • He takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoons around 1:30-2.
  • He hasn't started solids yet. He's not really showing an interest in eating what we do. He doesn't look at the food we eat when we eat in front of him and he eats every 4 or more hours so he's very satisfied with just the breastmilk. His doctor said it was completely fine that he's not eating  solids yet. by the time he's 9 months he would just like to see him eating probably 1-2 small table food meals for developmental reasons only. 
  • His hands are his favorite "toy" they are always in his mouth. Everyone keeps trying to tell me he's hungry but I know he's not because he won't nurse anymore and he just likes to put things in his mouth. Everything goes to his mouth; all his toys, blankets, anything he can find on the floor!
  • He's quite talkative. He is actually so loud sometimes you can't hear the TV or other things above him.
    • he laughs, grunts and blows bubbles out of his mouth. just loud! 
  • He loves to stand up, and bounce for that matter. We often go from sitting position to standing and he just loves that!
  • He loves to follow you with his eyes and head. He will follow the sound of my voice and even try to move towards me.
  • He works to get things he wants, such as toys or other objects on the floor
  • He passes toys from hand to hand (they toy rings is where I noticed this)
  • He is a master roller. He rolls in both directions and will even roll a few times over. I'm sure that he will be rolling across the floor in no time!
  • He doesn't mind tummy time as much anymore, he still gets frustrated after a little while
  • His favorite thing is his jumperoo. It's his favorite thing, and he will stay in it for hours
  • He like is bumbo for a short period of time, but gets frustrated after a while. 
  • I've started to put him in his high chair when we eat so that he will sit with us, and give him a new place to "play". He doesn't love it, I feel like it will get better once he starts to sit up but he's not doing that yet, so he falls from side to side. 
    • He's not sitting up yet; I need to try and work on this skill a little more. 
      • Once he starts to sit up a little more he will be able to sit in the cart too!
  • He almost always falls asleep in the car, even if it's only for 10 minutes! 
  • He loves to be outside and go for walks. He's not quite as in love with it as Lincoln was but he still likes to be outside and I'm so grateful it's finally getting nice out so we can enjoy it. 
I'm sure i've missed some things, and I'm sure some of these he may have mastered after 6 months old, but thats what I get for waiting so long. I tried to keep these to what he did before 6 months old. you know me, I just don't want to forget anything!!!

At his doctor appointment, his Doc was impressed with him, and said he looked great. He told me once again not to worry about how he's not eating solids, I think I'm going to do more of a baby lead weaning thing instead of just being in a hurry to get him on solids. Breast feeding has gone so much smoother this time, and I really love doing it, so I'm in NO hurry for him to wean!

Here are his stats:
  • He's 18 lbs 10 oz
  • He's 60% for weigth (almost 1 1/2 lbs bigger than Lincoln!)
  • He's 27 1/2  inches long
  • He's in the 80th% for length (same length as Lincoln)
Here are his photo shoot (at least this is the one thing I'm good about actually getting done on time!)

one of my favorite of his smiles!

of course I had to get a pic of him and Lincoln together since
Lincoln was 2 1/2 on the same day!! so here they are
30 months and 6 months :)

I love my little Landon so much, I look at him each and every day and just have to pinch myself with how amazing of a little being he is. He has blessed my life in ways I never thought possible. He is such a fun, loving, beautiful, old soul. He has been the perfect addition to our family and we are truly so blessed.

And because i already have these pictures back I have to share some of my favorites from his 6 month photo shoot with Alicia Monahan. 

Love my boys more than anything on this planet. They bring me so much joy each and everyday! I can't believe they are 2 1/2 and 6 months! where does the time go???

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