Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Kite Runner :)

Last night was once again our monthly LBC meeting! We discussed the Kite Runner, which suprisingly enough was our 30th book!!! :) Go us!! But before I get into my review of that book I must review the previous book...atleast I'm only behind by one book...

In February we read The Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. Honestly this was a difficult book to read. The book is about an amish teen who gets pregnant and somehow her baby dies. The state police come to scene and charge her with the murder of her infant premature son. Being a mother myself it was difficult to read at times. I just couldn't fathom how a mother could not want her child. Then again I have always wanted children. Ever since I was young. It killed me to have to wait until 25 to get pregnant instead of 22! But in the end you really end up feeling for the young girl even though she frustrates you and you want to smack her throughout. It also was very well written and really makes you appreciate the amish life so much more. In fact I sometimes wondered if the Amish weren't in fact dead on when it comes to how they live. Sometimes the simpler life is so much better than the life we lead now. Often times our lives are complicated by so many things around us and we often lose focus on the things that really matter, such as God and family. Maybe the Amish really do have it right in how they work hard for everything they have and they work as a community and according to God's will instead of their own. It really is a refreshing way to live.
Rating 8/10 only because of the ending...

For the month of March (we had to meet early because of peoples work and travel schedules) we read The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. It is about a young boy's life as he grows up in Afghanistan and eventually leaves and moves to the US. It is sad, depressing at times, hard to read but ultimately a story about what a young boy will do for the approval of his father and how he copes with his short comings and how he redeems himself in the end. What I've truly loved about these last few books is that they've opened my eyes to a life I never knew about. In this book we learn so much about the Afghan life. So much of what I thought I knew wasn't true. How many of the Afghan people are much life us and being repressed by the Taliban. The pure horror of what they must go through on a daily basis of whether or not they will be killed on the spot for their beards being out of place. I mean they have people who go around and do beard checks...really???? The people of Kabul live with sounds of gunfire and bombs daily and almost become immune to it. It's so depressing and makes me think of what a sad and scared life many of these people must have lived. It's sad  to me that a few bad eggs have made these people out to be the enemy. Not that I'm surprised, I often feel that way as a Catholic. But it really made me appreciate everything they've gone through and all the obstacles they must go through on a daily basis those that still live there and those that live here. It's sad to think that many of the killings were a lot like what Hitler did to the Jews. How do people have so much hate in their hearts for people whom they don't know, and are judging them soley on the way the look or their religious beliefs. The God I know isn't like that, and it saddens me to think that there are people out there in the world like that. But the book is so much more than just learning about the Afghan people and I truly recommend it.
Rating 9/10

Happy Reading...

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I am hunting for a few good reads! I always end up picking similar books, so I love it when other people suggest good ones that I probably wouldn't choose myself.