Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Resolutions.

As a new year comes around many people make New Years resolutions. Things that we hope to improve ourselves and our lives in the coming year. When I tried to think of what to make my resolution this year I thought back to the countless ones I'd made before that I never held up.

This made me think about the whole reason behind why people make resolutions. I truly feel that people make them to help improve themselves and their lives. Almost like trying to get themselves back on track and become better versions of themselves. Which they probably lost somewhere along the way, because let's face it. No one but God is perfect and we all fall short sometimes.

I sort of think the whole idea behind it is good. But why do people think they need to wait until the new year to improve themselves? For me it sort of feels like when I go to confession. I tell the priest all the bad things I've done and try to not do them again and become a better Christian and child of God. Well to me resolutions are much the same. We all "confess" our short comings to ourselves and try to think of ways to improve them. That being said of course I've made some resolutions this year.

First and foremost for me is going to be to try and keep up with this blog. I feel like I've lost a whole year of my life that I've forgotten all because I couldn't keep up with blogging. Before I had Lincoln I would just blog a couple times a day or whatever and say what was going on in school and where we were in my pregnancy. I never thought for a minute that it would be so hard to keep that up after he was born. But like I've said before the whole reason I started this blog was so I could remember everything that went on in our lives while Lincoln and our hopefully many other children were young.
So this year I hope to write at least once a week. So I can have updates on my little one.

My second resolution is going to save more money than we spend. There are a few things we want to do around our house that require a little bit of money and we for some reason keep having emergencies come up that we have to pay for and haven't had the opportunity to complete these projects. Top of our list is to buy furniture for our basement and paint it. While also putting up some shelves and doors so it can be a play room for Lincoln. And second is to improve and remodel our master bathroom so that we can actually use it!!!!!!

Third I want to incorporate prayers and reading into Lincoln's bedtime routine. I do this most of the time but because of the holidays we've gotten out of the habit and I want to get back in that habit.

My fourth and final one is to overall become a healthier version of myself. While I'm not overly motivated to lose weight because we are hoping to get pregnant this year. I want to be healthier when baby #2 comes along. I'd like to get in the habit to work out in some form twice a week and eat healthier. I'd also like to start doing some spiritual reading before bed and pray the rosary daily. Or at least 3 times a week. And while its extremely difficult with a toddler I'd like to really push myself to be more present during mass. I feel like I miss out on a lot because my focus is keeping my child quiet. But I need to realize that if he is a little loud it's not the end of the world.

I hope everyone has a fabulous new year!!!

Love always,

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  1. come to mass with us and your child will seem like the quietest kid there! :) We are always "those people" at mass. And I agree with you, I would like to get back in the habit or praying the Rosary daily. Good for you!