Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Last night I had the opportunity to FINALLY attend one of my book clubs. This group of girls and I usually try to get together once a week to discuss a chapter of the book we read.

Last night I have to say we didn't get much discussion in about the book but thats perhaps what I love most about this book club. This group of girls are all strong Catholic women who all believe in many of the same things as I do. The reason I love this group so much is that I often feel at such ease with these girls. It's nice to be able to sit there and have spiritual discussions without feeling like I have to defend my choices or beliefs. I think the reason this is so important to me is that I'm not a very articulate person when it comes to many things including my faith. I know what I know, and why I believe what I believe but I'm not very good at explaining it to others and I just get tired of constantly feeling ridiculed when in other groups of people even those who believe the same things I do.

One of my least favorite parts of school is that this weekly book club often feels like too much and I am bogged down by trying to finish school work and often am not able to go. But I truly enjoy every one of the girls and their what seems like infinite wisdom when it comes to the Catholic faith. I  often walk away from these books clubs feeling like a better person who is stronger in my faith.
It's just so nice to get to sit and chat with women who's morals, values and goals in life are all pretty much in the same direction!
So last night was refreshing! I hope to be able to attend weekly because besides the wonderful company I feel it's good for my soul and my faith to surround myself with such wonderful people.

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